Oscar Hair: Best and Worst

Posted in Celebrities on February 28th, 2011 by Reagan

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This lady made my jaw drop. No one does a center part better than Gwyneth. Maybe Mary Kate Olsen on her best day, but she wasnt thereso Gwyneth wins for best center part. I loved her gown and her hair. They complimented each other perfectly.

Mila Kunis won for best up-do in my opinion. It looks straight out of a silent film. Her dark hair with her lilac gown looks stunning. Her gown was one of my favorites of the night.

Scarlets hair has never looked better. This is by far the best length and color for her. I thought her unfussy hair was a nice surprise at the Oscars. And let me mentions that someone with a body like hers would usually go for cleavage galore and I like that she doesnt do that every year. Am I right?

Michelle Williams did it again. I love her bright blonde pixie, and I love her textured mermaid dress.  Shes a babe and I love her. (however, did anyone see her short uncomfortable conversation with Ryan Secrest? Awkward.)

On to the worst.

Amy Adams. This dress is stunning, and although she has amazing hair, I feel like it the wrong style for her structured gown. She needed something up.

As pretty as her waves were, theres no changing my mind, she needed it up.

Reese Witherspoon. I heard people say she had the best hair of the evening. I thought it looked like a clipped in hair piece from Claires. I usually love Reeses hair, but I dont know, I just didnt like this look. And to be honest, I wasnt crazy about the gown either. There, I said it.

Melissa Leo did her own hair, without a mirror, on the car ride over. Theres just no other explanation. (but hey, she won an Oscar, so)

Note: I kind of hate doing a worst list. Its mean. I think about how I would feel if I went out on the red carpet, smiling and thinking I look amazing and then got ripped apart by some local hairdresser on fire. So, I hope that the women on my worst list know that I think they are all beautiful and awesome. Plus they are basically for sure millionares and maybe that will help soften the blow. So if Reese or Amy or Melissa read HDOF, sorry guys!

Hair Answers: Long hair in your 30s.

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I got an email from a reader who wanted to know if she could still wear her hair long even though she is now in her 30s. She read something online that said no, and wanted my opinion. Well, my opinion is YES. Want to know if I think you can wear your hair long in your 40s? Yes! I think you can. I have lots of long haired clients in their 30s and 40s who I think look great. They keep it trimmed, healthy and styled.

If you are still worried, here are some pictures of beautiful ladies to convince you.




You want long hair in your 30s? You wear that long hair. And you love it.

(In case any of you are wondering, I would wear Jennifers dress everywhere if I had it. Club, party, gym, bed. Everywhere.)

Hair Answers: Cutting your own fringe

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Q by Tracey: I know its best to leave hair cutting to the professionals, but my bangs grow sooo fast and Im always tempted to give them a wee trim myself.  However, every time I take the scissors to my straight, typical Asian hair, something terrible happens to my bangs.  Are there any tips you can share for trimming bangs?

A by Reagan: Sure! Just dont tell your stylist I told you though, because there is still a chance you might totally wreck your bangs, and I dont want to be the one to blame! Just so were clear, Ill do anything to avoid blame.

While I say to my clients, dont cut your own bangs, I also understand that the whole thing is similar to telling teenagers not to make out. Theyre all sure, sure. making out is bad and I believe you a lot. So, not gonna make out. Promise. but then like half an hour later and a few slow songs and theyre totally hard core making out. Just like bangs. Did that analogy work? No? Ok, cutting your own bangs is like a ship, sailing out to sea..no? Its not like that?

Ok, dont cut your own bangs. Please. But if you insist, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

~Parting them off precisely is very, very important. Like, important enough that I should say the eff word somewhere in that sentence. When someone comes in red handed and ugly banged, the first sign is a really funky part. Suddenly there are all these long hairs or weird pieces added to the bangs that just dont belong. Part off your hair properly with a comb, then clip the hair that isnt going to be cut aside.
~Cut them dry. Wet hair is longer than dry hair. And youre like wow Im so good at cutting hair, my bangs look rad. And then your hair dries and youre like wow, my hair looks like a 5 year old cut it with plastic school scissors.
~Cut a little at a time. One swift swipe of the sheers will likely send you to immediate tears. Little by little, my friends.
~Point cut them. Dont hold your sheers horizontal. Hold them vertical. Cutting blunt is going to show all of the mistakes youve made. Point cutting gives a softer, more blended look. Which brings us to
~Do NOT go near your own bangs if you are rocking the very blunt look. Puh-to the-lease. Many stylists (me included) offer free bang trims to regular clients. People who arent my clients are only charged 10 dollars, which is really worth it.
~Thin them out. If you are planning on cutting your bangs often, you might want to invest in a pair of thinning sheers. Once you style your freshly trimmed bangs, I like to thin out the ends a little bit to give them that really soft, uneven (in the right way) look.

I think there is a code that whenever talking about fringe, a picture of Zooey must be near. (ps is zooey nekkid?)

Reese too of course.

I hate to do it, but I might have to do a bang trimming tutorial. Weve already filmed a bang blow drying tutorial, and well get that up asap.

Do any of you trim your own fringe? Its time to come clean.