Aussie Anti-Frizz Cream

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Visit the Aussie site to learn more about this, and other Aussie Stylers.

Im excited to show you all this third video in our Aussie series, because if there is one topic I get asked about the most, its definitely frizz! Talia, my model, has naturally curly hair that frizzes very easily, so a rich product is a must to keep her hair smooth. In this video, Ill be using the Aussie Anti Frizz Cream along with some styling techniques to cut down the frizz.


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Building a hair foundation.

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I have a strong belief that any hair can hold curl. A lot of clients swear that theirs is the hair that will never hold curl, and it is my true joy to prove them wrong.

All you need is products. Possibly handfuls upon handfuls, but that is all you need.

My very favorite foundation is mousse. I talk about mousse all the time, but I dont know that I ever get much more specific than saying that it is great for volume. The truth is, mousse is the worlds greatest foundation product. Note: sometimes my clients are shocked to see that I might use two or three handfuls of mousse in their hair. That is when I dont have time for nonsense (or misbehaving hair).

Here is what youre going to do. Shower (or just shampoo/condition your hair). Towel dry. Put in several handfuls of mousse. Every inch of your hair will be moussed, root to tip. The key is to take the silky/softness out. Then you are going to comb through. Then youre going to blow dry. Then you are going to curl your hair and possibly set it in pins (while it cools). And it is going to hold.

All day. Can you imagine?

It might not feel like real hair, but it will look beautiful and it will hold. Some people are lucky enough to have hair that does what you want it to with little effort and little to no product. The rest of us have to work a little harder!


Here are my favorite mousses.

Redken Full Frame



Go on now. Go get some curly hair!

Coping with hard water.

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Both times Ive been to Europe, Ive noticed that the water is very hard on my hair. While I was in London, I only shampood once in an attempt to prevent drying out my hair. My hair just seems to be more brittle than the average Janes, so maybe this is more of a problem for me than most.

So along with cutting down on shampooing, product is also a great way to lock in some extra moisture. Here are my favorite hair oils!

Redken Glass

Je Veux Argan Oil

SachaJuan Shine Serum

Aussie Smoothing Serum

I call products like these Hair Drinks.

Give your hair a drink when its thirsty!

PS I had a wonderful time in London and I am so excited to show you some photos from my trip!

Aussie Split End Protector

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today Im excited to show you the second video from our shoot with Aussie last month. In this video, Ill be using the Aussie Split End Protector on my friend Jen, then following up with a blow dry and curling iron style. Pay attention to learn little tips on how you can keep your ends healthy!

Visit the Aussie site to learn more about this, and other Aussie Stylers.


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Have you guys heard of Emi-Jay?
Its a company that makes hair ties, bows and headbands. Here is Dakota Fanning wearing one of the bows.

My friend works for the company, and sent me a little bit of everything from their shop. I have the bow Dakota is wearing and I wear it constantly. I wish I had some good pictures! Actually look at that, Im wearing it here and here.

And here!

And here!

I thought it would take a few tries to decide if I liked Emi-Jay, but as soon as I put up my hair in that first pony tail, I loved them! The bands are soft and really stretchy, so they arent too tight or damaging and they arent ever tangley when I take down my buns or ponies.

Here are what the regular hair ties look like

So I had a few of my friends try them too and they all like them. They hold a great pony tail for every hair type (seriously, all you super thick haired girls!). I have been really excited to show them to you  because I know youll love them too.

Check them out and make sure you let me know what you think!

*My friend sent over these products not expecting me to review them, but Ive been extremely pleased with the products and wanted to share them. I am open to product reviews though, so if you have a product you want me to try out, email me here

My Beauty Secrets: Starting with the face

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I have been meaning to write about make up and non-hair beauty products for a while. I even filmed a tutorial with Jake a while back that was accidentally erased and never re-shot. So, I thought Id do a little series of a few tips and products I love.

Want to know a confession? Im not really that girly.

I mean, clearly Im super girlywhat with all the lipstick and ruffles and heels I wear, but would you believe that I really dont do all the girly stuff that most of my friends do? I do my own nails 99% of the time, I dont get facials, I dont get waxed  (tmi?), I dont tweeze my eyebrows and I rarely wear perfume.

I do love beauty products though. I could go to Sephora, MAC, NARS or even the beauty aisle at Target and look at every single product they sell. Reading what each product does, investigating new colors of lipstick, etc. So lets dish about my favorite products shall we?

In this post, Im going to talk about the face. Specifically skin.

So, to be honest, Im super lazy about washing my face, and I generally just use baby wipes to wash off my make up. Any dermatologists/estheticians out there disgusted by this? Is it bad? I dont know, I was using some Neutragena wipes for a while and they didnt seem that different. I cant be sure, but I think I use Pampers brand. That just made me laugh to type.

My favorite facial scrub is from Keihls. Its their Pineapple-Papaya Facial Scrub. Get ready to see a lot of Keihls products on here. Their skin stuff is the best there is.

Next is the Keihls Avocado Eye Cream. This stuff is so rich and refreshing. My friend Linda gave me a tip to keep this in the refrigerator. The cold eye cream feels like heaven under my eyes. Those old bags of mine

My favorite daily moisturizer is also from Keihls. I really wish they were paying me to say this. My only complaint is that daily moisturizers almost never come with an SPF higher than 15. I would like to see 30 in my daily SPF.

Last but not least (and also not Keihls or a babys butt product!), Burts Bees Night Cream!

This is everything you want in a night cream. It is so rich and thick and I wake up the next morning feeling like I should put on some diamonds to match this fancy skin of mine. This is way too heavy to wear during the day (its shiny), but it doesnt make me break out at all and it really is just so awesome. Even Jake uses it to fancy up his face. Burts Bees has a day cream that is great too, but it doesnt have SPF and I find that I just plain need that in my face skins life.

What are your favorite moisture/face wash products? Do you use Burts Bees or Keihls?

Next week Ill be posting my Two Minute Make-up routine.

Japanese bobbies.

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Some people have extremely thick hair. And when they put in a bobby pin, sometimes the bobby pin will immediately slide right back out because the hair is too thick to hold it. Well, get ready for Japanese bobby pins my friends! Before you doubt these, keep in mind the kind of hair that invented them..Japanese hair is thick, silky and straighty straight, so the right pins are very important. I have yet to see a hair type that these wont hold.

Japanese bobby pins are flat, and I wish I knew the chemistry/physics/engineering/technology behind how they work so well, but I dont. I just know they are bobby pins on crack.

Japanese bobby pins are pretty hard to find, so you may have to get them online. They are much more expensive than regular non-cracked out bobbies, but a big box will last you a long time and you will finally have something that works for you rather than having to use ten pins to anchor down one little strand of your huge haired head.

You can order them from Shear World here. Youll want anything in that center row.

Let me know if you try them out!

Volume Part 3: Products

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My hair (pre red) looking all big thanks to mousse and approx fifty other volumizing products.

Back to the volume series! Ive been putting off the next few posts, because I was thinking of maybe doing some tutorials to help guide the way, but it turns out Im super busy right now and I dont want to keep you waiting any longer.

Lets talk about products, shall we?

Products for volume (cheering and high fives)

The best products Ive found for volumizing have come in two forms; mousses and sprays. They are light and airy, and have a nice way of coating the hair with the right amount of grab/hold to lift it off of the roots, just where it should be. I use handfuls of mousse sometimes on really fine hair before blow drying. I swear to you, guyspeople tell me their hair wont do this or wont do that, and then I get a couple handfuls of mousse/spray/other products and they are saying my hair has never done this before. So, maybe not for every day wear, but try using more product if your pea size isnt getting the job done?

I love mousse.

I love volume spray.

I feel like Im constantly repeating myself with product recommendations, so maybe click on my products tab and check out the ones that I love the most.

(little known fact, dry shampoo gives my hair TONS of volume. I dont even know if its supposed to give volume, it is the product that keeps on giving. I would bring it on Survivor as my luxury gift. For sure.)

If you are having trouble getting lift and volume, you will want to avoid creams and gels. Sometime they work, I love creams, but when Im going for the most volume, Ill go for a Morroccan oil for smoothing I would get from a cream after my hair is dry instead. Gels and creams will weigh the hair down. They are both generally (but not always) heavy. Again, some of you might be able to get fabulous lift while using creams and gels, but Im saying for maximum, go with mousse or spray. If you want the hold from gel AND the lift from mousse, Im sorry, but youre going to have to choose which one is more important to you.

One last thing about mousse, is that you dont have to have curly/wavy hair to use it. A lot of people think it isnt for them if their hair is straight, but it works wonders with straighties. Put it on towel dried (but no more dried than that or the hair will get crunchy) hair, then blow dry like you usually would. It might be a little harder during the blow dry to get a brush through it than usual, but that is a good thing! It means your hair will have hold and wont be so slippy and soft like you hate! Try it!

Is that everything? Try sprays, mousses and root lifts. Avoid heavy creams and gels.

Good luck out there.


(for mousse I like to go for medium hold. Sachajuan, Redken and Garnier are my favorites)



Volume Part 2: Shampooing

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The shampoo/conditioning process is very important in creating volume. Its actually almost more important to know how to properly shampoo/condition so that you can prevent weighing down your hair. It is so easy to overdose on heavy conditioners thinking youre repairing your hair, when youre actually caking on more and more build-up, causing small tiny hair. So sad yall.

So, here are my steps for the best, most volumizing shampoo to create enormous hair.

Step 1: Use a good shampoo, of course! A volumizing shampoo is always a plus, or a clarifying shampoo to remove product and pollution build-up. Be careful with clarifying shampoos though, they can strip your hair. You dont want to use them more than once a week or every other.

Step 2: Shampoo thoroughly. Get all that dirt and grime out. Ive mentioned before that it is good to shampoo twice if your hair is extra dirty or hasnt been shampooed in a while. You dont want to use much shampoo each time, just about the size of, or a little bigger than a quarter. You usually wont get much of a lather the first shampoo, and when you get a big lather the second time around, it means the hair is clean. While youre shampooing, really make sure you scrub every single inch of your head. Im surprised how often I see clients that have very dirty hair underneath, and really only rub in a small circle with their palm on the top of their head. They skip out on the scrubbing with the pads of their fingertips and they dont get the sides, nape or crown properly cleaned! Lots of detail, but make sure you scrub!

Step 3: Avoid over-conditioning. This one is extremely important in preventing flat hair. To apply conditioner the right way, put a small amount in your palm, then start at the bottom of your hair and work it through upwards, combing through the strands. I dont even put it at the roots, because my natural oils moisturize that part and the conditioner will only weigh the roots down! The next part is vital.rinse like crazy. A lot of people get out of the shower with slimy hair, it should be soft, but not slimy. Rinse well!

Also, I would say not to use a moisturizing conditioner unless your hair is incredibly damaged or over-processed. A moisturizing conditioner will be too rich and too heavy. Think Pantene Pro-V. I know it is a really good detangler, but it is too heavy and it will pull your hair down like crisco. All conditioners will be moisturizing to a degree, so again, unless your hair really needs the extra moisture, Id go for a lighter volumizing one.

So, here is a short list of my favorite volumizing shampoos. (conditioners from all the following are good too, but this post is a little more focused on the shampoo!)

Matrix Amplify

Pureology Purevolume

Redken Body Full

Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume


P.S. If you use shampoo for color treated hair, Id keep using that. Or you can alternate with a volumizing shampoo if you are dying for Dolly Parton hair.

(im so sorry about the funky centering of the photos. the photo centering on this blog with puzzle me until my dying day..)

Hair Answers: Hair Static

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This is an old question that I have been waiting to answer until the weather is colder. Because colder means dryer, and dryer means more static. Since I waited so long to answer this question, I cant find it! So, to who asked this question, Im sorry if I dont answer it specifically enough, since I cant remember everything you wrote. Ill just make something up..

Q by Static Stephie: Help! My hair gets super static-y during the winter and I cant stand it or get dates.

A by Reagan: This happens to me all the time. Especially since I wear a wool pea coat in the winter. I swear I look like a crazy person some days. So, definitely the dryness in the air creates a lot of static, so you want to keep your hair properly moisturized. I have found that using finishing oils and serums do the trick for the most part. I recommend this one.

If that doesnt do the trick, or if you dont want to buy any new products (or presents for your hair), you can simply use a dryer sheet! It does wonders. The only reason I wouldnt say to do this first, is because dryer sheets were made for laundry, not hair. And while Im not sure of any bad effects it will have on your hair, I only use it when things are really bad. K?

First try rubbing the sheet in your hands, then run your hands over your hair. You can do it in a petting way rather than a combing way. Plus petting your hair has got to be good for its self esteem. If that isnt doing the job, run the actual dryer sheet down your hair shaft until it is sufficiently de-static-ed. It will work. I prom.

Love ya. Happy winter! (soon)

PS if we have time this weekend, we are going to film a Blake Lively Tutorial! I doubt well have time, but I just want you on the edge of your office chairs. One is coming. Hooray.