3 Easy Updos on Latest Hairstyles.

Posted in Tutorial on April 5th, 2012 by Reagan

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This weeks post on Latest-Hairstyles is a tutorial on the Romantic Twist! Its like my full up fat twist, but its with all your hair going up in the first place. I love these twists, they are so easy and so beautiful every time.

Click here to see the post!

photo by Jacob Breinholt

3 easy up dos on Latest-Hairstyles.

Posted in Tutorial on March 20th, 2012 by Reagan

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I’m doing a series of 3 tutorials over at Latest-Hairstyles. To me, they are three different looks that work for any occasion and they are all easy! This week’s tutorial is how to create my Party Bun!

Click here to see the tutorial!

Photo by Jacob Breinholt


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This week has been pretty warm! Yesterday was a little windy and Marchy, but I have to admit Im enjoying this month much more than normal. Could it be the hair sprucage?

Here is what I wore and how I wore it.

Rose Clips-H&M, Top-Urban Outfitters, Jacket-Forever 21, Skirt-Target, Boots-Bottega Veneta, Bag-Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses-Norma Kamali.

Lacey Headband-Urban Outfitters, Top-Jason Wu for Target, Pearl Collar-Topshop, Floral Shorts-Modcloth, Boots-Urban Outfitters, Ring-Lori Mclean

Silver Scissors Headband-Gift from a blog friend!, Dress-Vintage, Shrug-Think Closet, Heels-H&M, Lipstick, MAC Lady Danger

Yesterday (March 15th) at noon this challenge was halfway over. Going, so soon March?

(PS Ill Post Thursdays photo next week with the rest of the photos from the weekend. I couldnt get it to Tiff in time)

Photos by Jacob Breinholt and design By Tiffany Breinholt


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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! To celebrate Saturday night I had cake and laughs with 4 girlfriends (and 2 dogs and 1 Jake). Theres more to come, including a tutorial for my headband!

So far, 28 is my jam.

Your loves favorite hairstyle

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Jake likes my hair the most when its long, blonde and bang-less. He seems to prefer it straight or with loose waves, rather than my natural wavy/curly business. Kind of Victorias Secret modelesque, which is a pretty common look for a guy to prefer Im guessing.

Im posting about this today, because its our 5 year wedding anniversary! We got married at a little chapel in Las Vegas where I wore my hair like a Victorias Secret bride might. Its these special occasions that I want to look extra pretty for him, so Im trying to decide how to wear my hair for our date tonight!  Down and wavy or down and straighty?

Does your love have a favorite hairstyle?

I love my guys

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One of my favorite ways to wear my hair, is pulled up (full up fat twist below, but it can also be a bun or any other up hair) with my guys down. My guys are all the little wisps around my face. It gives it such a romantic, natural look. And who doesnt love a little romance?

These guys are supposed to look accidental, but they are very intentional. They were undercut to be at just the right parts of my jaw and neck. I prefer some at the hollow of my jaw, the corner of my mouth and just past my chin. My stylist friends and I have a million names for them. I have always called them guys, but others call them fall downs, friends, wisps and my favorite- man catchers. The man catcher is for the guys that fall right around your mouth, all sultry like.

These are pretty easy to do on yourself, and I think Ill do a little tutorial pretty soon! I dont usually recommend cutting your own hair, but these are easily covered/blended if they dont turn out exactly how you like.

Do you like to have some guys around your face when your hair is up? Or are you more of a sleek lady?

New Years Eve party hair fun time goodness.

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I have recently realized that a lot of people share my same opinion about NYEits not that cool. In fact, Im not really going to do anything if it requires me leaving my apartment building or neighborhood. Its cold, its packed with tourists and its hard to get a cab. So when Jen told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to throw a party, I was very excited because she is my neighbor just two floors down. Talk about Friends right?

After listing the reasons I hate NYE above, now Ill list the reasons I love it:
Fancy hair, Fancy make up (I always wear fake eyelashes), Fancy clothes.

So after work, I came home to get fancy. Jen and AmandaBlair came up and I asked them if I could do their hair. I was feeling a half up theme for the night. I did a cute little hair bow flare on myself, which felt quite festive, then I did ABs and halfway through her hair I heard a Gwen Stefani song, so at the last second I did a little Gwen Stefani swirl in the back. It was mostly 1960s with just the slightest twinge of a 40s flare. For Jen I did a quickie half up fat twist but with a braid flare instead of a swirl flare. I love a little hair flare, hooray!

Since we are just a few steps away from each other, Jake and I set up a photobooth in our apartment for Joe and Jens party guests to come up and partake in. It was pretty fun. We put up tinsel and had props to play with. We had a great time getting our sills out! I even had fun cleaning up all the tinsel the next day.

One perk to being at home is that I was able to do an outfit/hairfit change halfway through the party. Do you every have the urge to do an outfit or hairfit change? I went from my fancy golden girl grandma vintage top, to my flapper princess dress.

How was your NYE?

Also, Ta Da!
Thank goodness my heel didnt destroy my silk dress!

Introducing: The Hippie Halo

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This is a very ugly picture of me. But Im very happy in it, and Im with my childhood BFF 4 E, Deanna, so I dont care so much about the ugliness.

Also, Its an awesome hairstyle. One of those looks that I end up doing all day at work when Im wearing it. My clients are like can you do that to me?. I call it the Hippie Halo and I will do a tutorial soonish. I only say ish because tutorials always take more time than I remember them taking.

The off centered top knot

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I wore my hair in a bun for 4 days straight. On Monday, I didnt have time to shampoo, but I could not wear a bun on top of my head another day because it was hurting. A few of you have emailed me about your hurty buns, so I know Im not the only one out there with this problem! So, since my hair was such a fright that I couldnt wear it down, I decided to go with the off centered top knot. It was cute and gave the top center part of my head/hair a rest. The next morning I shampooed my hair for a very long time and told it sorry for doing too many back to back buns.

Would you do an off centered top knot? For some reason it reminds me of the Tinmans hair style, which always makes me laugh super hard.

Over 1,000 likes! You like me!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for liking my Facebook fan page! Over the weekend, we hit 1,000 likes! Im so happy!

I want to do a giveaway soon to thank you all!


While Im on the topic, look at Brittneys cute summertime side pony! She posted it on the HDOF page wall the other day. She looks perfectly summery!