Inspiring mugs.

Posted in News on April 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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Ive been feeling a little uninspired lately. Blogginwise. I miss this blog and its always on my mind. I have a million ideas for upcoming projects, some that will even be happening in May! Im really looking forward to showing them to you all.

Ive been working on a million projects around my home these days and its pretty much day and night. On the weekends I find myself checking the free section of craigslist and going to flea markets to bargain as low as I can for little items to spruce up my home. (Not the same as my hair sprucing!) I recently found these girls at the Green Flea and couldnt leave without them. Their hair puts me in a dream.

When you were little and youd watch movies with your friends or family, would you yell out Im her for the prettiest girl in the movie? I hope you did because my friends, cousins and sisters and I did that too. I would watch Princess Bride and Splash and I would refuse to watch the movie if I couldnt be Buttercup or Madison. This applied to all major Disney movies too. Even the Jungle Book. Which only has a girl in it for 15 seconds.

Anyway, in this case, I get to be the pink one. But if one of you called it first, then Ill be the orange girl. Id settle for any of these girls. I love them, and their hair and their cheeks and their flowers. Theyve got my mind spinning with inspiration.

..And also caffeine.