Posted in News on April 19th, 2012 by Reagan

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Ever wonder where the name of this blog comes from? Im sure many of you know the Morrissey song, but just in case you dont I thought it would be fun to post it here.

I love Morrissey (and The Smiths), but never really cared for this song that much. I think because of my blog, its really grown on me and I listen to it on purpose now. When I had the idea to start a hair blog and I was thinking of names, this song came to me right away. I love that its funny and makes me sound kind of like a super hero. When I tell people about my blog and they ask the name of it, we always giggle after I say Hairdresser on Fire with my fists on my hips like Im superman or something.

My favorite lines are Youre just so busy, busy busy, busy scissors oh ooohhhh and Youre repressed but youre remarkably dressed.

Anyway, enjoy the song that has inspired me more than any other.