This weekends Oscars.

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I cant wait for the Oscars this weekend. Im going to wear a dress, do my hair, put on some jewelry and walk down my grey West Elm carpet (rug) to my couch to watch the show. I love seeing everyone all done up in their best.

Ill be all over Facebook with my opinions. Wont you join me?

(Mila was one of my best from last year.)

Go see my best and worst from last year here!


Oscar Hair: Best and Worst

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This lady made my jaw drop. No one does a center part better than Gwyneth. Maybe Mary Kate Olsen on her best day, but she wasnt thereso Gwyneth wins for best center part. I loved her gown and her hair. They complimented each other perfectly.

Mila Kunis won for best up-do in my opinion. It looks straight out of a silent film. Her dark hair with her lilac gown looks stunning. Her gown was one of my favorites of the night.

Scarlets hair has never looked better. This is by far the best length and color for her. I thought her unfussy hair was a nice surprise at the Oscars. And let me mentions that someone with a body like hers would usually go for cleavage galore and I like that she doesnt do that every year. Am I right?

Michelle Williams did it again. I love her bright blonde pixie, and I love her textured mermaid dress.  Shes a babe and I love her. (however, did anyone see her short uncomfortable conversation with Ryan Secrest? Awkward.)

On to the worst.

Amy Adams. This dress is stunning, and although she has amazing hair, I feel like it the wrong style for her structured gown. She needed something up.

As pretty as her waves were, theres no changing my mind, she needed it up.

Reese Witherspoon. I heard people say she had the best hair of the evening. I thought it looked like a clipped in hair piece from Claires. I usually love Reeses hair, but I dont know, I just didnt like this look. And to be honest, I wasnt crazy about the gown either. There, I said it.

Melissa Leo did her own hair, without a mirror, on the car ride over. Theres just no other explanation. (but hey, she won an Oscar, so)

Note: I kind of hate doing a worst list. Its mean. I think about how I would feel if I went out on the red carpet, smiling and thinking I look amazing and then got ripped apart by some local hairdresser on fire. So, I hope that the women on my worst list know that I think they are all beautiful and awesome. Plus they are basically for sure millionares and maybe that will help soften the blow. So if Reese or Amy or Melissa read HDOF, sorry guys!

Mila Kunis on the cover of Nylon.

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I have spent most of my free time (at the salon) staring at Mila Kunis cover of Nylon Magazine. She is beautiful and her hair is perfect. I love all kinds of hair, but consistently, I like soft, natural and mildly frizzy hair.  Honestly, I look forward to Nylons cover every month and I feel like they really get the styling right in almost every area. Its refreshing to see a mag cover that isnt Victorias Secret hair. (Ok, I LOVE that hair. I love VS hair, but there are other ways to look sexy.)

Here is a shot I love from the inside pages. Im not sure, but I think she has faux bangs. Ive heard about clip in bangs that you can wear for a day when you want a change, but Ive never used them before. It sounds rad, but Im worried I would feel like I have a floppy/dead animal resting gently on my forehead.  Have any of you ever used those? <- faux bangs, not dead animal bangs.

Last obsession, but not least.the shot on the cover of the magazine is slightly out of focus. Every time I look at it Im a little thrown off by it, but again, its another cool/different Were nylon magazine and we dont give a ___ type thing.

How much do you love Nylon?