In A Hairry: The Date (60s Hair Headband)

Posted in Tutorial on February 12th, 2013 by Reagan

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In this second episode of In a Hairry, I do my hair for a very special night in. Watch the video to not only see who this mystery date is, but also to see if I can complete my 60s Hair Headband in time!

Hairdresser on Fire In A Hairry The Date from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Im not going to say that this has to be for Valentines day, but it does make good date hair, am I right? And when I say date, you know I mean a night out/in with any of the following: your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, the Lifetime Movie Network, Netflix, your favorite Brazilian, some Chinese take-out, a good book, a glass/bottle of wine, your kids, your cats, etc.

Instructions for my 60s Hair Headband:

Part your hair as desired.

Grab a section of hair above your ear, but far enough down that it will be covered by the hair on top of your head.

Cross the section of hair to the other side of your head, smoothing as you go and pin in place.

Repeat on the other side.

Optional: Tease the crown of your head for more volume.

Theme song by Imagination Head and video Directed and Filmed by Joe Varca!

Curls made with this one inch Marcel iron
Stila Lipstain

How was your weekend?

Posted in News on June 24th, 2012 by Reagan

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I cant claim that too much excitement happened over the weekend. I worked a lot and caught up on the people I love and some apartment cleaning. Even though it wasnt all that exciting, it was so nice to check some huge things off my never-ending to do list.

Take, for example, my trip with Karrie to The Mermaid Inn for Sunday Brunch. We were just sitting there enjoying some conversation and pretty eggs in skillets, when we both had this urge to dinglehop our hair. You would have thought it was number 1-20 on my to do list by the way we went for those dinglehoppers. If you havent seen The Little Mermaid, then this entire post will be lost on you. If you have, you know that a fork is called a Dinglehopper in the sea, and its used by the mermaids as a hairbrush. Karrie and I enjoyed our dinglehopping, then enjoyed confused looks from the restaurant staff. Its a good thing the restaurant was nearly empty because when that urge comes to pretend youre a mermaid, you just cannot stop yourselfif youre like me. If youre not, then the manners your mama devoted her best years to teaching you actually stuck, and you probably dont go anywheres near your hair while sitting down for a meal. Especially with the utensils made for consuming the meal.

(I bet you all my fictitious millions that Im going to get a manners book in the mail this week courtesy of my mama with a section highlighted on how to behave at the dinner table like a human lady.)

If youve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I could talk endlessly about mermaids, their hair, Brigitte Bardot, her hair, and ways to achieve them. I cant help myself!

Aside from brushing my hair with a fork at a nice restaurant (the fork didnt actually touch my hair, I promise.), I bought some new lipstick. Its called Schiap from Nars, and its summer in a tube if you ask me. I have gone on and on to my girlfriends about how I cant wear anything neon. It doesnt look good on my skin I sayand theres all these cool neon clothes I want to buy from Zara I say. Anyway, I was politely interrupted by a girlfriend who pointed out that I wear neon lips all the time. I tried to argue but I realized how wrong I had been all along. Neon lips are my jam.

This post was all over the place. Im happy to be back from the weekend! Especially since Im going to be at the beach this entire upcoming weekend. The sooner the week ends, the sooner its the weekend. And I cannot wait.

Hugs and (neon) Kisses.

Beach hair. Im talking real-live beach hair.

Posted in Products on June 1st, 2012 by Reagan

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As much as I love products that give you beach hair, there is still nothing like actual beach hair. I went to the beach over the holiday weekend and was as excited about having real mermaid beach hair as I was to actually be at the beach. See my face below for proof.

How cute am I in a wetsuit? Not cute? Crap!

My surfing coach told me I was a natural. Who cares what a liar my surfing coach is, because all that crashing and salt water drinking (and snorting) only means wet ocean hair. And wet ocean hair means dry ocean beach mermaid waves. Score!

Sidenote: my shoulders and arms are still killing me from all the surfing, but I made some major progress in my skills. I am stoked to be a totally gnarly surfer babe one day. Until then, Ill just settle for good beach hair that doesnt come from a bottle.

Heres to summer and beach going! And mermaid hair! And surfing wounds (unfortunately).

And if you cant get to a real beach, try this or this. Youre welcome, Muah!

Happy weekend!

(also, so slammed and havent chosen any giveaway winners yet. soon my friends.)

Hair myth: No brunettes in the summer

Posted in Answers on May 1st, 2012 by Reagan

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I love busting the beauty myths. In fact, I think Id like to do a little beauty myth series!

First myth up for discussion.

You cant go darker in the spring/summer.

There is no reason you cant go dark in the spring or summer, even if you are a natural blonde. Hell, go witch dark for all I care! If you like your hair dark, go dark whenever the heck ya want! Apparently his myth makes me talk like a darn tootin Midwesterner.

Shifting focus back to the topic at can absolutely go dark in the spring and or summer.

After all, there is such thing as brunette mermaids too.


Divine Caroline: 3 ways to get Mermaid hair.

Posted in News on April 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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UPDATE: The link works now! So sorry for my mistake!

Ever since I saw the movie Splash I was obsessed with mermaids. My parents had to replace the floor of the bathroom because I splashed too much in the tub. I used to tie my feet together to make a mer-fin and go to town.

All these years later Im still into the whole mermaid look. Go here to read my post at Divine Caroline to see my 3 ways of achieving mermaid hair.

Photo layout and graphic by Tiffany Breinholt for Hairdresser on Fire.