Gibson Girl Bangs

Posted in Celebrities on June 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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After a conversation with one of my coworkers a few months back, I decided I needed Gibson Girl bangs. Also called ballerina bangs. Basically its wisps of hair, or bangs, that only show when your hair is pull up or off your face. They are small sections undercut to look like they grew out of your hair line like that naturally. Kind of like man-catchers.  Here are a few Gibson Girl photos..

Im not going to speak for anyone else here, but in my humble opinion, those Gibson Girl bangs are straight up bedroomhair-esque.

So I cut some Gibson Girl/Ballerina Bangs a few months back, and never regretted the decision. Eh hem

Basically, you take a rough section at your hair line (not a clean one or it will look weird and too intentional), zig zaggy and small. If you want more you can always take more, but remember these are supposed to look wispy! Next, you must use a razor. Scissors will give a clean/blunt line that will be sticking up all over the place and it just wont look natural. For this look its almost better to cut with dry or barely damp hair, which normally is a razor no-no, but just trust! Take long strokes so that the line is soft rather than short strokes which will almost be like scissor cutting.

Also I should mention that you must definitely never do this to yourself unless you are an actual hairstylist and have advanced razor knowledge. Its pretty easy, but the razor is no toy. I mean this both in regards to body danger and hairy danger. You could hurt yourself or look straight up crazy. (I literally dont know which of the two is worse.)

Lastly, after getting my Gibson Girl/Ballerina bangs I felt like the worlds most clever girl. I was walking around singing a song in my head that was like Ive got cool hair, Ive got cool hair.. Then I bragged about how cool my new bangs were and someone said I have those too from when I had a baby!.

*Insert wind out of my sails and many frowns*

Haha! I still like them and I still feel cool.

So what do you think? Do you think the Gibson Girl bangs are as bedroomhair-esque as I do?

PS Kim Kardashian recently said that she has the baby hairs on her hairline removed with electrolysis. What a waste of baby hairs!

I love my guys

Posted in News on January 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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One of my favorite ways to wear my hair, is pulled up (full up fat twist below, but it can also be a bun or any other up hair) with my guys down. My guys are all the little wisps around my face. It gives it such a romantic, natural look. And who doesnt love a little romance?

These guys are supposed to look accidental, but they are very intentional. They were undercut to be at just the right parts of my jaw and neck. I prefer some at the hollow of my jaw, the corner of my mouth and just past my chin. My stylist friends and I have a million names for them. I have always called them guys, but others call them fall downs, friends, wisps and my favorite- man catchers. The man catcher is for the guys that fall right around your mouth, all sultry like.

These are pretty easy to do on yourself, and I think Ill do a little tutorial pretty soon! I dont usually recommend cutting your own hair, but these are easily covered/blended if they dont turn out exactly how you like.

Do you like to have some guys around your face when your hair is up? Or are you more of a sleek lady?