Kate Middletons Hats

Posted in Celebrities on November 18th, 2010 by Reagan

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Im a little obsessed with the recent royal engagement. Im jeal of Kate Middleton because when I was little, I played with a Princess Diana paper doll, now Kate gets to wear her ring. Im jeal of Kate Middleton because she gets to become a princess. But the reason Im the most jeal of Kate Middleton, is because she has the most incredible hat collection of all time. There are a lot of things that I love about the Brits, like when they say Brilliant! or Rubbish! or Spot of tea!, but the hat thing they do there is my favorite. I just want to wear a big hat. Really. Really. Really hard.

I google imageΒ  Kate Middleton Hats often and sigh at her fanciness.

The end.

PS which one is your favorite? for me, the bigger, the better.