Hippie Princess hair

Posted in News on June 20th, 2012 by Reagan

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The other morning I met up with a friend for brunch and I decided to wear my hair in a way that I like to call Hippie Princess. Its natural and dirty like a hippie, but girly and romantic like a princess. Basically you just take two sections in the front and twist them back, securing with a single pin on each side. Its a functional style and a nice way to keep my hair out of my face. I also enjoy looking like a hippie princess, so functional or not my hair can expect to be worn this way every now and then.

We had brunch at Elephant and Castle, and talked about taking some pictures after eating. We got all excited about location scouting and how fun we would have finding somewhere awesome to shoot. If any of you are familiar with the West Village, you know that this chain link fence is literally across the street from Elephant and Castle. So in other words, we got lazy. The good news is that in some cultures, there are worse things than lazy.


On the topic of princessesIf I walked into brunch looking like a hippie princess, then Amanda Blair walked into brunch looking like a party princess..or a hairband princessor a make out princess..or any other kind of messy/huge haired/badass princess that other princesses are jeal of.

Her hair was massive. I had to hang my head in small hair shame.

After brunch/photos we walked over to a new little West Village surf shop, Saturdays, where we enjoyed tea and chatting. My surfing coach is good friends with the owners of the joint and I think its my new favorite place to loiter. Out of three beach trips this summer, I have successfully ridden one good wave. I dont know if thats as impressive as so many people make it out to be, theyre probably just being nice. But I feel like a surfing rockstar. Also dont be surprised if you see me in a wetsuit and heels. It just feels right.

Outfit details:

Blazer-Zara, Tank and Necklace-Forever 21, Shorts-10 years old from American Eagle, Wedges-Dolce Vita, Sunglasses-Rayban.