Hippie Halo, Bonus Version.

Posted in Tutorial on August 13th, 2012 by Reagan

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Earlier on this summer, I posted the Hippie Halo tutorial. Its one of my favorite tutorials to date, but there was a whole section of me taking my hippie halo out for a bike ride that didnt make the final cut. I watched it recently and decided it was too cute to be unshared. Check it out below!

Hippie Halo | Bonus Version from Hairdresser On Fire on Vimeo.

Halfie Halo

Posted in Reader Submitted Photos, Tutorial on July 23rd, 2012 by Reagan

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(my take on some crappy hippie pose)

Since posting the Hippie Halo tutorial last month, Ive loved getting tagged in your tweetpics and instagram photos. Seeing the Hippie Halo in action makes both my heart and my hair swell. Some of you have gotten creative, and just done some partial hippie halos. Ive been calling it the Halfie Halo. Its a good look for those of you who like hair in your face (I do!).

Lacys is gorgeous.

Andreas is gorgeous.

These two inspired me to try the halfie halo. Even though its called the halfie halo, I wore it and felt fully cute. That was a bad jokebut a true statement. This beautiful headband was sent to me by a company called Andreas Beau. Its not really done too differently than the full blown hippie halo. Alls you do is situation your headband to your liking, then tuck the back section only. Easy as anything!

My top is from Forever 21, my jeans are from Rag&Bone, my wedges are from Steve Madden and my headband is from Andreas Beau.

As always, share your Hairdresser on Fire inspired dos with me! I love to see your creative takes on these styles. Tag me on twitter @hdofblog, or on instagram @busybusyscissors or on facebook.

Photos of me by Ty Mecham


Tutorial: Beaded Besties with Emi Jay

Posted in Tutorial on July 6th, 2012 by Reagan

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Ever since the Hippie Halo, Ive been promising another video with Emi Jay and here it finally is! In this video, youll see all the ways my beaded bestie (Karrie) and I try out Emi Jays multi-strand beaded headband, and a pretty little braid tutorial towards the end that I came up with just for the video.

Watch the video below, and please enjoy! This one might just be my favorite!

Beaded Besties w/ Emi Jay Headbands from Hairdresser On Fire on Vimeo.

Many thanks to the great band Honeypie for letting us feature their song No Difference. Make sure you check out their new album Fields Dont Disappear! They can also be found on facebook and their music can be downloaded on iTunes or Bandcamp.

If you are a great musician or band, or know of any that would like to be featured in a tutorial like Honeypie, email me at hello@hdofblog.com

Last but not least, a very special thanks to Joe Varca, Franke Varca, and my beaded bestie Karrie Gholsonwho came over and spent an entire night giggling with me during the making of this tutorial.

Click here to buy your own multi-strand headband from Emi Jay. And as usual, send me photos or tag @busybusyscissors on instagram if you try out the Beaded Bestie Braid!

Tutorial: The Hippie Halo

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This tutorial sure has been a long time coming! Im quite proud of the video, and working with this crew has been a dream! Im so excited for you all to see it.

Please enjoy!

Note: This look is best achieved with an Emi Jay headband. Ive tried it with a number of other headbands and the results are just not the same (the honest truth!). I created the Hippie Halo in my bathroom mirror after opening up my first pack of Emi Jay headbandsit seems like only yesterday. Their products are great and Ive enjoyed working with the company so much. We have another video currently being edited that I think youll love!

Go here to scope out all the great products at Emi Jay. And as always, send in your Hippie Halo photos!