Cassie from Skins

Posted in Celebrities on October 12th, 2011 by Reagan

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Im so excited because a week from tomorrow, Im going to London for the first time! I absolutely cannot wait, and if any of you have some wildly exciting London suggestions, I welcome them in the comments. Hooray!

So, since Ive got London on the brain, Ive been thinking of one my favorite tv characters of all time. Cassie from the British show Skins was played by Hannah Murray. Cassie is a sweet, but lost teenager with all kinds of problems. When Cassie was on the screen, I couldnt look away. She was such a lonely and confused little girl that I just wanted to care for. The acting was amazing and just thinking about it makes me want to Netflix the whole series again.

Another reason I love Cassie so much, is her hair and clothes. She always had some kind of cute touch to her hair. Maybe a bow or clip, messy waves or a piece here or there pinned up. Nothing every too done, which is my kind of style. I love the look of just spending 2 minutes to jazz up your hair. If the 2 minute style is a contest, then Cassie wins!

Isnt she amazing? Did you ever watch that show?

(PS Im not talking about the short-lived American version of Skins on MTV. The British one was amazing.)