Summer goal: Live in my swimming suit

Posted in News on June 15th, 2012 by Reagan

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The other morning I woke up still in my swimming suit. Not very comfortable to sleep with a bandeau knot on your backbut waking up in a swimming suit is otherwise glorious, because it means its summertime. Hooray. Ive been all over the beach this summer, and I cant get enough of it. I couldnt commit to any beach days last weekend, but I was able to get to Central Park and lounge with some girlfriends. Not the same, but I-along with half of Manhattan, enjoyed a hot day laying in the grass with my swimsuit on.

As per my usual daily life, I got curious as to how I could jazz up my hair. Its so unfair that my hair doesnt get to enjoy wearing a swimsuit, right? Wrong! because it does! it enjoys a string hairkini. (in my head that sounded hilarious. typed out its just silly.)

I removed the strap to my swimsuit and put my hair up in it like its little hair boss. Hair-swimsuit issue solved.

Im topless in the photo below. (no im not).
Although, its legal here in NYC to be a lady and topless wherever you like.

Happy weekend. Its not a success unless I wear a swimsuit. Hoping to report a victory come Monday.