Holding out for highlights.

Posted in News on July 10th, 2012 by Reagan

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I have a little game I like to play called how long can Reagan go in between highlights. The motivation behind this game is that my locks are naturally dry and highlights do a number on my hairs health. Since Im hoping to grow out my hair long enough to clothe me this winter, I have to be careful with the chemical services. Yall, this game is a matter of necessityI just pretend that its fun.

So this round of the game lasted since early February. If you remember, I went quite a bit lighter. I held out an impressive 4 and a half months, and have a feeling I can go longer next time.

Here I am before the touch up..roots for days, er, months.

Silly roots!

So, I blocked out a little time at work to have my roots done, but gave special instructions to go easy on the processing (I told my colorist about the game). So she did a light painting at my roots, being careful not to saturate the hair too much with the bleach so that it will have a much more natural effect. Its very subtle and lots of my true color is still there, just a little brightening up. Especially at the front. She nailed it. Mark my words, Im going at least six months this time.

(Looking up to the heavens for support during this journey)

Ive found that the painting technique (free handing the application, rather than using foils) allows you to go much longer between services. How long do you go in-between? Do you have any strategies to growing out your hair healthy and quickly?

See you in December, bleach!


Dont mind me..Im just side-parting.

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I re-discovered my love for a heavy side part recently. I consider myself a girl who loves growing out my bangs as much as I love actually having bangs since with each stage, you have a new look! Right now my bangs (well, they are to my chin..so..not really bangs anymore) are at a stage where they look the best to the side. They can be swept downwards or up off my forehead. Give me that deep side part and I kind of like it all right now.

It seems like only yesterday they were working it out in the center. My how they grow so fast..

(Apologies for the non manicured nails. Ew.)

Also, me and my side part (and my laptop) are currently in a cafe in the West Village devouring the free wifi. My internet at home is being worked out so this is how we do it right now. I miss you all!

Hair Answers: Growing out your hair

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Q by Auro: I got (ummm had) mid back wavy dark hair. Love it but mostly tie it in a bun on a daily basis. On special occasions I open it out, run a curling iron through it and feel fabulous :)
So I have been toying with the idea of chopping of my hair.  Have done so two times in the last 10 years. Love it for a month or two and then cant wait for it to grow back.
Anyway fast forward to yesterday. I went in for a hair cut armed with pictures of long, medium, short styles and one that I did not quite like. Discussed it with my hairdresser and we decided to keep it long but shape it up so that it looked changed.
By the time she was done it was by my neck. She styled it and it flipped and looked exactly like a photo I told her I did not like :( Anyway in the heat of the moment I decided what the hell, just chop the back so it does not look flippy like that !!
Now I have short hair :( And I sit her shocked and stunned 24 hours later. My husband is quite amused by my reaction and tells me its just hair ! I know there is no magic pill and I know it will eventually grow.
But is there any advice you have in the meantime. What would you tell a client ?
I know I am being super vague here but as you see I am emotionally scared ;)
Much love,

A by Reagan: I bet a hundred people will read your question and cry and nod their heads because they are or have been there with you Auro. I am still in the honey moon phase of short hair, I am LOVING it, but lets be honest, it wont be for long. Soon Ill be pulling on my hair and brushing it 100x on each side in attmepts to stimulate my hair follacles so theyll grow faster.

Here is a short list of ways to get your hair back.

~Keep it healthy. As healthy as possible. Dry, damaged ends will break off, making your hair shorter! K?
~Get regular trims. I like to yell at my clients *I dont really yell at them ever* when they refuse to cut their hair because they are growing it out. If you keep, nice, healthy, moist, blunt, lush ends, they will continue to grow DOWN instead of damage and dry-ness growing UP your hair shaft, breaking off inches of your hair. That is where the confusion of cutting you hair makes it grow faster comes from. It doesnt actually make it grow faster, it just ensures it will continue to grow in the right direction. Your hair will end up the length you want to achieve more quickly if it is (say it with me) kept healthy! Woohoo! Team Healthy Hair!
~Deep Condition. Buy a good deep conditioner at a salon or beauty supply and use once a week or every other week. Leave on for 15-30 minutes before rinsing.  Again, keeping hair healthy and preventing damage.
~Find a stylist you trust. There arent many things more frustrating (when it comes to hair) than having several months of growth cut off because the stylist doesnt understand the difference between a 1/2 inch and 5 inches. It has happened to me. It has probably happened to you. PS I dont do that to people. It is my goal in life to be a trustworthy stylist.
~Comb, Massage and Brush hair. You thought I was kidding about stimulating your hair follacles. Its a real thing! If you stimulate them, they produce more quickly. Before showering, brush your scalp medium to hard with a bristle brush to loosen up any buildup on the scalp and to stimulate those little guys. Top it off with a clarifying shampoo every few weeks. (never over do the clarifying shampoo!!)
~Finally, talk to your hair, tell it that its doing a good job. Tell it youre proud of it. Caress it. I dont know if that helps. But its just one of those things that is like a why not? sort of situation.

Hey, do you guys want to sit back and covet some pretty hair with me? Nothing like starting out your day in seething jealousy!

Dont cry guys. Your hair will be long soon.

Sorry I never credit my photos. I need to work on a better photo storing system