The no longer bangs-bangs.

Posted in News on October 3rd, 2012 by Reagan

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Bangs just scream fall to me. These days its like mine are all grown up. Where they were once short, blunt and to my brows, they are now long, blendy and past my chin. They do what theyre told and they stay out of my way. They give me a little shape around my face, part easily from center to left or right, and go back into a pony with no pins. So, why am I dying to cut a short little fringe again?

I cut my bangs short in January of 2011, and aside from texturizing them, they havent been cut since. Thats pretty slow growing, wouldnt you say? I guess thats where my hesitation comes from.

Do you vote bangs or no bangs for me?

PS bang slang. (Id go shakies or curtainies)

Dont mind me..Im just side-parting.

Posted in News on May 30th, 2012 by Reagan

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I re-discovered my love for a heavy side part recently. I consider myself a girl who loves growing out my bangs as much as I love actually having bangs since with each stage, you have a new look! Right now my bangs (well, they are to my really bangs anymore) are at a stage where they look the best to the side. They can be swept downwards or up off my forehead. Give me that deep side part and I kind of like it all right now.

It seems like only yesterday they were working it out in the center. My how they grow so fast..

(Apologies for the non manicured nails. Ew.)

Also, me and my side part (and my laptop) are currently in a cafe in the West Village devouring the free wifi. My internet at home is being worked out so this is how we do it right now. I miss you all!