My Favorite Movie Hair: Holly Golightly

Posted in Celebrities on November 30th, 2011 by Reagan

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Ive decided to start a new segment on my blog about hair from the movies! Movies often inspire trends in every sense of the word, and Id be lying if told you they dont inspire me. Sometimes I catch myself loving or hating a movie, based on the hair/costume/styling alone. There are so many iconic hair moments in movies, and Im really excited to share my favorites with you here!

It might be the obvious choice, but my first favorite movie hair is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys. I love this movie. I love everything about it. When I watch Holly on the screen, I am mesmerized with her life, her apartment, her relationships, her cat, her clothes, her business (Snow in New Orleans!) and of courseher hair.

She basically wears a huge glorious french twist the whole movie. From the big swoop on top, to the highlights in the front, to her wispy little pixie bangs, its the perfect look. Holly Golightly might be my be all end all of girl crushes.

On to the pictures!

Are you humming Moon River yet?

To learn a basic french twist, go watch my full up fat twist tutorial!

Fact, about two years ago, I made it my mission to find a sleep mask like Hollys. I spent an entire Saturday ebaying and etsying and googling anything I could imagine that would find me this mask. I had no luck.