Tutorial: Fishtail Maude Braids (of the pully nature.)

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Now that we know how cool it looks to pull at our fishtail braids, I thought Id show you a few ways to wear em!

As many of you know, Harold and Maude is one of my all time favorite movies. Maude is a dream. I aspire to have her courage and timeless youthfulness. Anyway, she wears her hair in two braids piled up on top of her head for most of the movie, I wrote about it here. This style below is really just a fancy Maude style, swapping out the normal braids for pully fishtails braids.

 Heres how you do it:

1. Do this.
2. Pull both braids up onto the top of your head (one at a time if you prefer)
3. Pin them in place, making sure the ends of your fishtails are tucked underneath each other.
4. Take a cue from Maude. Sing some Cat Stevens. Run from the cops. Get a boyfriend 50 years your junior.

I think this style looks so awesome with the pulled fishtail spin. I wore it to a Physique 57 class and felt super cool while I pathetically tried to lunge and squeeze my thighs in pain for an hour straight.

How to have the cutest fishtail braid ever.

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My favorite kinds of Fishtail braids are messy and pully. Listen, you cant go wrong with any fishtail, right? Im only saying the pullier the better.

Heres how you do it.

1. Do a fishtail braid or two (Im doing two). If you dont know how, let me know.
2. Secure with an elastic.
3. By all means, pull on it.
4. Pull a lot more.
5. Keep pulling until youve pulled at every part of the braid. It should be nice and wide and also nice and fuzzy.
6. Build your style from there.
7. Stay tuned for a few style ideas. Aka, alternate endings.

Lets give a round of applause for the worst lighting ever! Its the best we could do at that time of night.


Tutorial: Fishtail Braid

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Thanks so much to my friend and model Jen for coming over and doing this fun little video with us! I hope to use her more, because she has perfect hair! Thanks for all of your tutorial suggestions, and please keep them coming!

as always, email me your tutorial suggestions to hello@hdofblog.com!

Have a great weekend, my little hairies!