How to find a stylist/colorist.

Posted in Answers on May 31st, 2012 by Reagan

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It seems like people are always writing in to me asking how they can find the best stylist/colorist for their hair. My answer below.

Fly to NYC and come to me!


..ask people with sexy hair!

Imagine youre walking down the street when suddenly you spot someone with good hair. Youre staring, they look nervous. Before they start running away, you need to take the opportunity to ask them the most majestic of questionswho does your hair?. You find out, you make the call, you go to them.

Something to keep in mind before assaulting a stranger or friend for their stylists info. Most importantly, they should have similar hair texture and style to yours, or at least to what youre going for. If you are a girl with Michelle Williams hair, asking a girl with Kardashian hair who she goes to might not get you very far. Just because someone has a great precision bob, it doesnt mean that stylist will be right for someone with long Zooey hair. Get what Im saying? Sure hope so!

With color, its the same. If you like low maintenance and natural, go to whoever the low maintenances and naturals go. If youre a punky, go to whoever the punkies go to. Simple as that.

Word of mouth is the very best way to go, but you can always refer to magazines and the internet for a suggestion. The problem there is that you cant always trust that its an honest review. Something to think about, my friends.