Tinted Shampoos and Conditioners

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Another great way to keep your color looking beautiful, is to freshen it up with color tinted shampoos and conditioners. These are actually great even if you dont color treat your hair. Do you ever feel like your hair just looks drab? I hate that! I sometimes feel like it look sickly when my color is looking bad.

My favorite line of color shampoos and conditioners is Davines. They have lots of different colors. I love using chocolate on my clients. Ill do it even once in a while when they come in for a blow out just to give them a pick me up. This line is a little spendy, but the bottles are large and will last you a really long time, especially since you would only want to use it about once a week. Click here to buy!

Another great one is Manic Panic High Voltage Colorizing Shampoo and Conditioner. These are meant to compliment actual Manic Panic color, but Ive used a little of the red/pink to give my hair a little umph when I was pinkish last summer. Like Davines, you only want to use these once a week, and obviously they are for a little more for the daring girl. Click here to buy!

Have you tried a tinted shampoo and conditioner?



Shampoo and Conditioner for color treated hair.

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I get a lot of emails asking if color shampoo and conditioner is necessary.


Well, yes if youre trying to make your color last.

Shampoo is made to strip your hair of oils and dirt, and unfortunately this also means it strips hair color, making it look dull and faded. Color shampoo protects your hair color from fading. If that doesnt convince you, and youre holding back because you dont want one more thing to buy, remember that you are getting more money out of your color service if you are making it last longer! Not taking care of it properly is kind of a waste, right?

So, color shampoos and conditioners really work!

Here are a few that I like


Although I dont recommend low end shampoos and conditioners, here are a few if your pocket book doesnt agree with the above.

Herbal Essences

Then all you have left to do is chant to your hair colorwilling it to obey you.

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