My Favorite Movie Hair: Romeo + Juliet

Posted in Celebrities on February 14th, 2012 by Reagan

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I present to you, a Valentines themed Movie Hair post!


Romeo + Juliet is maybe my favorite movie ever. It came out when I was in 7th grade (15 years ago!!) and my friends and I were obsessed. Obsessed with the hero (LEO!) obsessed with the soundtrack (Love Fool!) and obsessed with the hair (half up halo!). Still to this day, I think it is one of the most visually pleasing movies of all time. I am drawn in to every scene with the juxtaposition of the sets mix of old/new props. I love how they have pops of neon lights randomly, in the chapel even!

So onto the hair. In the first 30 minutes of the movie, Juliet is dressed for the costume party as an angel. She has her hair in a half up halo. I get nostalgic when I watch the scenes with her hair like this, and I wonder why Ive never done it to my hair. I still think its the sweetest hair ever.

Here are a few crappy screen grabs I got while watching it on my iPad recently.

I would have DIED to be an extra at the costume party. How fun, right? Also, Paul Rudds character is hilarious.

While writing this post, I noticed that the above halos appear to be a braid, and the below halos look like twists! I guess these were filmed on different days. Also, the below photos cover more of her ears than the above. If youre not a hair person, you may not have noticed, ever.

Ive met the actor who plays Tybalt a few times, and I have to hold myself back from saying PEACE! I hate the wordAs I hate hell, all Monteguesand Thee.

Werent Claire and Leo the perfect J+R? Ahh, this movie. I want to watch it right now.

PS dont laugh at me that Im nerding out because I just realized that Jake and I also make J+R.