Beautiful Center Parts

Posted in News on October 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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I dont know where this photo comes from, but I love it. Hair to your waist, long flowy dresses and a center part. Its kind of my dream.

I actually think this is a photo from a cult type family, and a few of the wives are clearly pregnant. Which is kind of weird, but I still love it.

Anyway, I am the kind of girl whose hair naturally  wants to have a deep part. I have to force it in the center, and I think at this point it (it meaning my hair) is almost used to it.

The best tip for forcing your hair to part some where it doesnt want to, is to part it when it is wet. Like sopping wet right out of the shower. If you need to, you can blow dry it into place.

Center part

Posted in Celebrities on November 16th, 2010 by Reagan

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Ive never been a huge fan of any particular reality star, but Kristin Cavalari looks stunning with this smooth as silk center part. It looks good both with a tee shirt and jeans, or with a fancy holiday party type dress. I love it!