AvocadoJens wedding.

Posted in News on May 17th, 2013 by Reagan

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My friend Jen (avocadojen to you insta-friends!) got married last weekend. Id love to post some more pics with her hair and beautiful flower crown, but today Ill just post a few of my hair and crown! All the women in the wedding wore a little braid detail and a little flower (or not so little) detail. In my head I kept saying this wedding was urban hippie, which felt right. The wedding party was put up in an incredible loft in Williamsburg, and the wedding was held at a cool outdoor pizza place in Bushwick.

Here are some photos! The hair was fun, the gowns were fun, the wedding was real fun.

I made myself a little Caesar style flower crown, that only went around the back, because I decided the bride should be the only one with flowers in the front..since shes clearly the special one.

The other bridesmaid, Kylie, and I wore these beautiful green ACNE gowns that we got from Barneys NY. Im so lucky to have a very close friend who works there and treats me to an occasional discount. Ill wear this beaut many more times. Kylie and I didnt have plans to match, but we both loved this color and shape so much that it just worked out that way! Tara, the redheaded cutie, was a grooms-lady and Im really hoping someone got a good picture of her hair, because the back was a braided creation!

Some of my friends walked by Robertas that night and remembered I was at a wedding there that night, so they peeked in the tents to see if they could spot me. They said theyd never seen a sillier wedding dancer in their lives. Which wasnt hard for me to believe, because I cannot tear myself away from the dance floor at a wedding.

More to come! And its time I did some more tutorials!

Photos by Laurie Sales