Hair myth: No brunettes in the summer

Posted in Answers on May 1st, 2012 by Reagan

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I love busting the beauty myths. In fact, I think Id like to do a little beauty myth series!

First myth up for discussion.

You cant go darker in the spring/summer.

There is no reason you cant go dark in the spring or summer, even if you are a natural blonde. Hell, go witch dark for all I care! If you like your hair dark, go dark whenever the heck ya want! Apparently his myth makes me talk like a darn tootin Midwesterner.

Shifting focus back to the topic at can absolutely go dark in the spring and or summer.

After all, there is such thing as brunette mermaids too.



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Im a blond. I like being blond, but sometimes it would be nice to go super dark and exotic. I cant for some reason. My sister in law, Melanie, goes from dark to blond to dark to blond and always looks perfect! Im jeal, because Im too scared

So lets look at pictures of beautiful brunettes.

Are you jeal too? Or are you a lucky brunette?

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