Met Ball

Posted in Celebrities on May 8th, 2013 by Reagan

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I have gone through this photo gallery from NY Magazines The Cut blog 4 times. I love the Met Ball. My salon spent the last two weeks making wigs for the event, which added to the excitement of the evening. I look forward to seeing the beautiful gowns, hair and make up more than any other red carpet event of the year. This year, all my favorite looks were people who had their hair up, which is funny because I love long-down hair more than anything else on the planet. But there is such a statement made when hair is warn up. And these ladies nailed it..

I cant stop looking at Nicole Richies eyes. Shes like a hungry vampire. And I would have definitely worn a deep wine colored lip like her to the punk themed ball.

Blake Livelys body was made for gown wearing. She is almost always a favorite. If I could pull off a sleeky pony like her, Id never wear it down..but have you seen her hair down? I mean

Strappy pointy shoes, cut-out dress, up hair. Emma Watson, ladies and gentelmen (slow clap).

Gwen Stefani, as usual pulls off the perfect balance of rocker and lady-like. Normally I would HATE a heavy chunk of hair randomly pulled out of a bun like above, but shes convinced me to be accepting of it. Probably because of the way her top is tied. Asymmetry at its finest. This look is so her, which is my favorite thing about her. She is so Gwen, without being a one noter. Love. Yep, Love.

Dakota didnt wear her hair up, but this dress is bananas in a good way. Maybe my very favorite of the night. Her hair was nice and naturally parted, not too straight, and not too fussy by being brushed to the side. Any longer, any straighter and I think it would have been too much. I remember when Dakota was a little girl, look at what a beauty she grew up to be!

Sienna Miller doubled her weight with this jacket. Seriously, I want to just try to lift the jacket to see how much it weighs. She looked awesome.

All photos from The Cut. Make sure to check out the whole Gallery!

Tutorial: Messy Waves

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Heres our latest tutorial. Ive had several requests for messy waves, and also for Blake Lively waves. So since they are the same thing, here it is! Keep in mind, I like to use the smaller curling iron, but if you want to try different barrel sizes with the same technique, it would be beautiful Im sure. I say the bigger you go, the smaller the sections should be. Enough, lets get messy.

PS I love your tutorial suggestions. If you would like to request a tutorial, email me at

Hair Answers: Hair Static

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This is an old question that I have been waiting to answer until the weather is colder. Because colder means dryer, and dryer means more static. Since I waited so long to answer this question, I cant find it! So, to who asked this question, Im sorry if I dont answer it specifically enough, since I cant remember everything you wrote. Ill just make something up..

Q by Static Stephie: Help! My hair gets super static-y during the winter and I cant stand it or get dates.

A by Reagan: This happens to me all the time. Especially since I wear a wool pea coat in the winter. I swear I look like a crazy person some days. So, definitely the dryness in the air creates a lot of static, so you want to keep your hair properly moisturized. I have found that using finishing oils and serums do the trick for the most part. I recommend this one.

If that doesnt do the trick, or if you dont want to buy any new products (or presents for your hair), you can simply use a dryer sheet! It does wonders. The only reason I wouldnt say to do this first, is because dryer sheets were made for laundry, not hair. And while Im not sure of any bad effects it will have on your hair, I only use it when things are really bad. K?

First try rubbing the sheet in your hands, then run your hands over your hair. You can do it in a petting way rather than a combing way. Plus petting your hair has got to be good for its self esteem. If that isnt doing the job, run the actual dryer sheet down your hair shaft until it is sufficiently de-static-ed. It will work. I prom.

Love ya. Happy winter! (soon)

PS if we have time this weekend, we are going to film a Blake Lively Tutorial! I doubt well have time, but I just want you on the edge of your office chairs. One is coming. Hooray.