Avoiding Hat Hair.

Posted in Answers, Tutorial on November 19th, 2012 by Reagan

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Love hats but hate hat-hair?


Well, I figured out a trick and I basically never had hat-hair again. Steps below!

one. Decide where you want your hair parted that day sans hat. I chose the middle.
two. Part your hair heavily to one side (basically anywhere besides step one)
three. Put on your hat.

When you take off your hat, you can shake your hair around and part it back to where you originally wanted it. Voila! No hat-hair! I should have taken a photo of step four, which is Get a million boyfriends.

Remember this little tip, because its winter hat season and Im tired of being the only one in this city with cute, non hat-hair. Jk.

Like my turban (turb)? I got it in London back in the day. Here is a cute winter one I love!