Divine Caroline: The “less fussy” haircut trend.

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These days I’m doing less and less layered haircuts on my clients. To read more about how you don’t have to have “The Rachel” anymore, go read this week’s Divine Caroline post!

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Image from Divine Caroline

Girl Crush On Fire.

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Guy, remember my hard core girl crush for Alexa Chung?

I met her! And I got my picture taken with her. It was at the Madewell party, where her new line Alexa Chung for Madewell was launching. I snuck out of a party Jake was working at to go to this party, and since I was alone, and considering Chung is my hard core girl crush, I was suddenly a shy Reagan, and all my great ideas went out the window.

So, let’s use some imagination. This is what I was going to have Alexa Chung do for us.

I was going to take a little video of her saying hello to all my great Hairdresser on Fire friends, and then I was going to ask her what her favorite hair: trend, product, style or era is. And she was going to answer in her smart, raspy British accent. Using smart British words like….Brilliant! Rubbish! Bloke! Kate Moss!

She would have done it. I know it. Because she is super cool like that. And I saw her doing a little interview with a small fry blog like my own even though the pre-party for press had ended. I know she would have done it, and that is why I’ll never forgive myself.

I can only imagine how fun a little mini Alexa Chung interview would have been.  For me and for you too. So, forgive me. Next time I won’t be so shy.

Celebrity hair: Michelle Williams

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I’ve seen this picture floating around different magazines and websites for about the last week and a half. Michelle Williams has the gift of good hair. And good face. And good body. And good style. And good talent too. I love her. But really, isn’t this image just beautiful? Are they really dating? Should I know that already? Because a few weeks ago I saw Ryan Gosling at starbucks and he totally didn’t tell me they were together. Fine, I didn’t talk to him, but still.

This is my all time favorite red carpet look. The dress, the COLOR of the dress, the makeup the up do, the hair color. But again, that hair! Such a beautiful, romantic, soft, sweet, youthful look.

Above img

Again, rocking every length perfectly.


When i grow up i want to be michelle williams and alexa chung at the same time.

Celebrity Hair: Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung is my number one. She is my very favorite model, and she is my number one style icon. I think there have probably only been one or two outfits that I’ve seen her in that I haven’t completely fallen out of my chair over. She’s amazing.

Now that I am noticing short hair more and more, it suits that she is my number one short haired chick too. My friend Sarah even caught on that I was copying her hair cut, and I didn’t even notice it. But she is right.

If I move to Brooklyn Alexa and I are going to be best friends. And maybe her British accent and coolness will rub off on me.

(once again these image were saved in a folder with no one to credit)