I cant quit my..

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..Red scrunchy.

I had a friend over when I was making my Thanksgiving pies (Chocolate Pecan to be deliciously exact) and one of the first things she said to me was are you wearing a scrunchy? awesome..

It is awesome. Its so old. And stretched out. But I never want to get ride of this old thing. I only wear it at home, or to drop something in the mailbox, or to run to the coffee shop. Other than those three occasions, this baby doesnt leave the comfort (and privacy) of my apartment.

But I guess the secret is out. I still like scrunchies.

Whats your red scrunchy? A banana clip? Cheap products? Sponge rollers? Cap highlights? Lee press-on nails?

We all have something.


Back to School Hair Tutorials with A Cup of Jo: Heidi braids with a bow.

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My friend Joanna had a great idea to do a series of hair tutorials for little girls with a back to school theme. We collaborated last month on 4 and the first one is up today!

Wiggle on over to A Cup Of Jo to learn how to do Heidi Braids with a Bow.

photo by Alpha Smoot, styled by Kendra Smoot, hair by me.

Hair during the golden hour.

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I love when I take one look at something and get inspired. When I pulled this headband out of the box, I had it all planned out. Deep side part, very full ends, big waves, red lips, golden hour.

This headband had me feeling a little bit flapper, and although long hair was very out of style in the 20s, I compensated by having the band hug my hair in all the right places. And wearing the reddest lips I could find. I strategically placed the headband in a spot where if I made loads of volume below it, just so, it would create bulk around my face. Like a bob would. Which IS 20s. (It made all the sense in the world in my head!)

To be honest, this photo shoot was for no other reason other than I got excited about the vision this headband gave me. Do you ever do that? I mostly do that with hair, lipstick, and shoes.

See what I mean by golden hour? My hair literally looks like its on fire.

Here is my terrible attempt at a flapper pose. Gatsby would tell me I oughtta be ashamed.

Headband-Andreas Beau, Top-H&M, Pants-Rag&Bone (you can get them in cobalt!), Loafers-Target.

Photos by Ty Mecham

Halfie Halo

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(my take on some crappy hippie pose)

Since posting the Hippie Halo tutorial last month, Ive loved getting tagged in your tweetpics and instagram photos. Seeing the Hippie Halo in action makes both my heart and my hair swell. Some of you have gotten creative, and just done some partial hippie halos. Ive been calling it the Halfie Halo. Its a good look for those of you who like hair in your face (I do!).

Lacys is gorgeous.

Andreas is gorgeous.

These two inspired me to try the halfie halo. Even though its called the halfie halo, I wore it and felt fully cute. That was a bad jokebut a true statement. This beautiful headband was sent to me by a company called Andreas Beau. Its not really done too differently than the full blown hippie halo. Alls you do is situation your headband to your liking, then tuck the back section only. Easy as anything!

My top is from Forever 21, my jeans are from Rag&Bone, my wedges are from Steve Madden and my headband is from Andreas Beau.

As always, share your Hairdresser on Fire inspired dos with me! I love to see your creative takes on these styles. Tag me on twitter @hdofblog, or on instagram @busybusyscissors or on facebook.

Photos of me by Ty Mecham


Emi Jay Headband

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Ive been wearing my gray EmiJay headband like crazy. Maybe you remember it from my hair sprucing fail? Anyway, this headband is so comfortable and I see myself wearing it all summer. This skirt too. I wish I had a full body. I got it in Paris last summer at a vintage store. It had some kind of crazy apron sewn onto the front, but I seam-ripped that sucker out of there, sewed it back up and never looked back. Even though I do wonder if this was some kind of work uniform or something back in the day.

Back to the headband, I love it and thats all there is to it. I took this snap before heading out to brunch with a friend over the weekend because I was just so into it.

I wasnt able to find it on the website, but here is a link just in case you have better luck!

Sprucing challenge update.

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This challenge is killing me! I think next time Ill just go for a one week challenge. A month is too far away, and frankly you have no idea what sort of events will take place to create the most dramatic of obstacles. Next March Ill be doing a week long sprucing challenge.

Headband (worn as a scrunchy!)-Urban Outfitters, top-swapped (but i think its from F21), jeans-American Apparel, flats-swapped years ago so I dont know their source.

Hair Bow-Emi Jay, Dress-H&M, Tights-Target, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Bag-Jason Wu for Target, Necklace-F21, Lipstick-Revlon Pink About It.

(funny story about the above photo..that person coming down the stairs with the baby carriage is my friend EMILY! haha. It was funny/embarrassing running into a friend while taking photos)

Headband-Emi Jay, Dress-Urban Outfitters, Flats-same mystery swaps from above.

Headband-Hollys Apartment, Dress-Forever 21, Boots-Urban Outfitters, Lipstick-MAC Rebel.

March is over soon. I cant wait to bid its riddance.

(PS Ive read that its actual science that makes me hate March? Its some kind of thing that happens since the light pattern shifts so quickly.)


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Dont mind me, Im just sprucing along over here.

Hair accessory-Craft leather tied around twice, Dress-Think Closet, Bloomers-American Apparel, Moccs-Minnetonkas, Dog-Jens.

Headband-Accessorize, Weird Plastic Top-Think Closet, Skirt-Target, Clogs-Jeffrey Campbell. (Sadly, they broke that day)

Hair accessory-Black Grosgrain ribbon from a craft store, Jacket-hand me down from friend, Tee-American Apparel, Jeans-F21, Shoes-Chuck Taylor Allstars.

Bow-American Apparel, Jacket-Alexa Chung for Madewell, Cords-Gap, Oxfords-Bottega Veneta.

Im starting to lose steam over here. Im running out of cute accessories and am having to get creative with the arts and crafts (eh hem, 3/15 and 3/17).

Photos by Jen and design by Tiffany Breinholt


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This week has been pretty warm! Yesterday was a little windy and Marchy, but I have to admit Im enjoying this month much more than normal. Could it be the hair sprucage?

Here is what I wore and how I wore it.

Rose Clips-H&M, Top-Urban Outfitters, Jacket-Forever 21, Skirt-Target, Boots-Bottega Veneta, Bag-Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses-Norma Kamali.

Lacey Headband-Urban Outfitters, Top-Jason Wu for Target, Pearl Collar-Topshop, Floral Shorts-Modcloth, Boots-Urban Outfitters, Ring-Lori Mclean

Silver Scissors Headband-Gift from a blog friend!, Dress-Vintage, Shrug-Think Closet, Heels-H&M, Lipstick, MAC Lady Danger

Yesterday (March 15th) at noon this challenge was halfway over. Going, so soon March?

(PS Ill Post Thursdays photo next week with the rest of the photos from the weekend. I couldnt get it to Tiff in time)

Photos by Jacob Breinholt and design By Tiffany Breinholt

Hair Sprucing Challenge Update

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These were supposed to go up on Friday, but it turns out its a lot more work to do daily photos than I realized. They just sat there, inside the camera all lonely and forgotten. Un-uploaded and un-edited. You know, plenty of people do this for every post. Every day. Which now seems like an insane amount of time. Plus its really hard to be creative with photo taking every day on a time crunch. But also really fun. And it gets my mental wheels spinning. Its good to challenge yourself, and it takes your mind off of something you dont like (March!).

Say, speaking ofthis challenge is going so so well, that the weather is pretty much perfect. March is suddenly like Whats that? You dont like me? You never have? Hows 75 degrees and sunny? Now do you like me?. Well Id say I like you a lot more thanks to this hair accessory challenge. And also thanks to egg sandwiches. Ive been eating them every day in the last week and a half.

One last thing. Is it cool that in two of these days Im not wearing make up? I actually try to take off at least one day a week from make up. Usually Saturday or Monday. So 3.5 and 3.10 are both makeupless.

Elastic headbands-Target, Thermal-Target, Hoodie Vest-Burton, Jeans-F21 (4 years ago). If its not already obvious, this was my day off. I love day off do chores around the apartment outfits. Nailing comfort.

Twist Scarf-American Apparel, Top-Jason Wu for Target, Shorts-Urban Outfitters, Boots-Steve Madden.

Hair Bow-Modcloth, Dress-F21, Tights-Target, Clogs-Swedish Hasbeens, Lipstic-MAC Rebel

Headband-Target, Cropped Top-American Apparel, Jacket-Urban Outfitters, Gigantic Pants-Urban Outfitters, Clogs-Madewell, Lipstick-MAC Force of Love.

Headpiece-Accessorize, Dress-H&M, Tights-Urban Outfitters, Clogs-Swedish Hasbeens, Lipstick-MAC Impassioned.

Scarf-Vintage, Fake glasses (to hide my no make up Saturday look)-Jakes, Tank-Wet Seal, Ninja Pants-American Apparel.

Velvet Twist Scarf-American Apparel, Wool Blazer-Madewell,  Jacket-Forver 21, Jeans-Forever 21, Socks-Gap, Oxfords-Bottega Veneta, Bag-Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses-Norma Kamali

I know Im not even half way done, but I havent missed a day and Im feeling confident that Im going to complete this courageous challenge. I know what youre all thinking and Im thinking it toothis is the stuff that makes the world a better place.


Photos by Jacob Breinholt and design by Tiffany Breinholt


Hair Sprucing Challenge:

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Welcome to my first anti March blues hair sprucing challenge update! Ive decided to update twice a week because I feel that once a week would make the post too long and boring. So far March has been cold, windy, gray and rainy for 3 out of 4 days. Ive needed the extra hair play!

Yay! I like this challenge!

Two velvety rosette clips-Hollys Apartment, Dress-Think Closet.

Turban-Boutiqe in London, Dress-H&M, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Beaded hair trinket (its actually a bracelet!)-swapped, Leather Jacket-Old Urban Outfitters, Top-H&M, Jeans-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell.

Twist scarf-American Apparel, Kimono Blazer-H&M, Jeans, Urban Outfitters, Shoes-crappy cheap store that sells $10 shoes in my neighborhood, Sunnies-Norma Kamali.

If you are just joining, I hate March. So to cope with the March blues, Im wearing (and documenting) hair accessories every day this month. Hair Sprucing design by my good friend (and cousin through marriage!) Tiffany Breinholt!