Halfie Halo

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(my take on some crappy hippie pose)

Since posting the Hippie Halo tutorial last month, Ive loved getting tagged in your tweetpics and instagram photos. Seeing the Hippie Halo in action makes both my heart and my hair swell. Some of you have gotten creative, and just done some partial hippie halos. Ive been calling it the Halfie Halo. Its a good look for those of you who like hair in your face (I do!).

Lacys is gorgeous.

Andreas is gorgeous.

These two inspired me to try the halfie halo. Even though its called the halfie halo, I wore it and felt fully cute. That was a bad jokebut a true statement. This beautiful headband was sent to me by a company called Andreas Beau. Its not really done too differently than the full blown hippie halo. Alls you do is situation your headband to your liking, then tuck the back section only. Easy as anything!

My top is from Forever 21, my jeans are from Rag&Bone, my wedges are from Steve Madden and my headband is from Andreas Beau.

As always, share your Hairdresser on Fire inspired dos with me! I love to see your creative takes on these styles. Tag me on twitter @hdofblog, or on instagram @busybusyscissors or on facebook.

Photos of me by Ty Mecham


Over 1,000 likes! You like me!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for liking my Facebook fan page! Over the weekend, we hit 1,000 likes! Im so happy!

I want to do a giveaway soon to thank you all!


While Im on the topic, look at Brittneys cute summertime side pony! She posted it on the HDOF page wall the other day. She looks perfectly summery!

Courtneys Ombre

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Courtney sent over this pic after following our ombre tutorial. She looks great and I love how the highlights give her some extra warmth.

Great job Courtney, thanks for the photo!

Photo credit to aubs photography

Your Halo Braids

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Guys, Im so proud.


Briannes is perfectly messy!



I love the pretty loose back!

Aileen practiced on her roommate!

And then wanted to do it on herself but ran into trouble, so she improvised! (she did a twist halo to make things easier. GENIUS!)


Thanks so much for sending your pics over!

If you send me pics, make sure you specify if you do not want them posted on the blog. Cool?

Hair Answers: helping Patrick

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Q by Lacey and Katie: We need your help. Our co-worker Patrick keeps asking for hair advice but will not get rid of his longer locks. We keep telling him he needs to go shorter for a look that is more in this decade, but he is not satisfied with our suggestions. Thats where we turn to you the hair expert and professional! Please look at these pics we snapped of him any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Patrick seems to think he can pull off a look similar to Bradley Cooper in the Hangover if he just has the right products. But, his excuse is that he doesn’t know what products to use. We told him that we don’t think he could pull that look off, but, we are no professionals. He said he would value your opinion over ours, so please help us!

Feel free to ask any other questions you may need to know! And no worries if you don’t have the time. I’ll still be a loyal ‘Hairdresser on Fire’ follower!

Lacey and Katie Co-workers that Care

A by Reagan: Can I start out by saying this whole email tickled me to pieces. Sorry to who was in the coveted favorite question spot before, you have now been demoted. Patrick is practically the best sport ever.posing front and back and to the sides, and trying not to laugh. Then not to mention seeing office-y things in the back-ground just made me die. I am so proud that I have taken a small group of your office away from your jobs so that you could discuss, take photos of and submit to me all in the name of Patricks desire for good hair. I love it all, right down to the cubicles in the background. Im putting this whole experience on any future resumes.

So, back to the questionI know you said youd still be a loyal follower if I didnt have time to answer this question, but will you still be a loyal follower if Im team Patrick? Maybe? Please? First hear me out. The front and back of his hair isnt too bad, in fact, it is actually very close to Bradley Cooper in The Hangover, in my opinion. They have a similar cut, but Bradleys hair is a little thicker than Patricks. See? (can we all agree this is one of the best scenes in the movie?)

Lacey, Katie and Patrick, its the sides that are hurting. Its a little too windswept and not enough messy-hot guy bed head (see any picture of Chase Crawford for the messy-hot guy bed head). Try not to push the sides back so much while youre styling your hair, Patrick. Kind of shake it out as its drying (using a few sprays of volumizer), and then apply product to it when dry. I recommend Rough Paste or Work Hard, both by Redken.

Next time you have your hair cut, have your stylist use thinning sheers all over on your ends. It gives it an imperfect edge and helps it look a little wild without being too jaggedy like a razor often does. If your stylist says no, tell her to do it anyway. Not enough stylists use thinning sheers on men, I think it is because of the name, but it really makes the cut.

If you feel like this isnt working out still. Start doing this version of the the Bradley Cooper Hangover Hair.

In which case you would comb everything back with your fingers (and maybe even a blow dryer if you are willing), then used rough paste or work hard to give it some hold. Rub that stuff together in your hands until its warm before you apply.

Guys. Thanks again. This was perfect. And if I ever work in an office I hope the fun level is similar to yours

You nailed it.

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Here are some photos of hairdresser on fire tips you tried out!

Here is Morgan with very pretty and natural looking flat iron waves. I love it!

Here is Liz with beach waves! PS this is Jakes cousin!

Thanks for sending in these pictures!

Tammys flat iron waves

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Tammy tried out flat iron waves! It looks great, right?

Have you tried out any of my suggestions? Send me a picture to hello@hdofblog.com!

(ps Tammy claims to have small hair, but she has me totally fooled here!)