Red, white and blue (and lips too!)

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Of all the holidays that make for exciting hair endeavors, the Fourth of July is not one of them. Valentines day, Christmas, Halloween? All amazing. All endless. But on the Fourth I just feel like protecting my hair from flames and fireworks, and staying cool. It was a scorcher this Fourth, so I only wore my hair down for the photos before pulling it up into a knot. A knot that promised relief from the heat, and safety from flame igniting.

This postthis post is mostly about what I wore. Because I believe in dressing the part (wink Karrie!), and believe in beating a theme to death.


Red heart shaped sunnies, red lip tattoos with hearts on them, white wife beater (hopefully not so american), dyed cut offs, and the most sophisticated red wedges to complete my theme beating.

Tank-Forever 21, Cutoffs-TJMaxx, Wedges-Dolce Vita, Lip tattoo-Violent lips.

These lip tattoos are so fun. I bought loads to try out. They are absolutely for looks alone. Imagine mestarving (no eating), thirsty (no drinking), grumpy (no smiling), and talking like a ventriloquist because thats what these lips allow for. Id still say theyre worth it. Cant wait to show you the rest!

Have a great weekend!

Tips for travel (the teaser)

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Last weekend I took a trip to Miami. The trip was big enough that I wanted to look cute and go out, but little enough that I didnt want to check a bag. The thought of leaving my house without every single hair product I own makes me want to weep in my mamas arms, so where does that leave a girl like me? It leaves me compromising. The sad truth about traveling with hair and rules about liquids is that you probably cant have your way in its entirety.

So heres what you (I) do.

1. You get some little containers. I got mine at Rickys, a beauty supply here in NYC, but you can get them at many other places like Sephora or a local pharmacy. Here are some I found at the Container Store website..

2. You fill them up with your cant live withouts. For me thats Creme For Style and Ocean Mist. (And mousse but remember were compromising?) I needed a squeezey bottle and a spritzy bottle for these. Obviously shampoo and conditioner can be brought as well if you hate what your hotel provides for you.

My strategy is to wear my hair at its most natural state, but enhanced. I cant tell you how many times Ive brought a full kit for blow dryingbrushes and all, but opted to spend more time enjoying my vacation rather than primping myself. I hate bringing things on vacation that I dont use (Ill literally wear 10 pairs of shoes the last day to make sure every pair got worn), so I just dont bring that stuff anymore. For me, products are they key for wearing my hair natural, so products get brought.

Whats your hair travel plan?

More traveling hair tips to come.

(PS Miami is amazing.)

Tutorial: The Hippie Halo

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This tutorial sure has been a long time coming! Im quite proud of the video, and working with this crew has been a dream! Im so excited for you all to see it.

Please enjoy!

Note: This look is best achieved with an Emi Jay headband. Ive tried it with a number of other headbands and the results are just not the same (the honest truth!). I created the Hippie Halo in my bathroom mirror after opening up my first pack of Emi Jay headbandsit seems like only yesterday. Their products are great and Ive enjoyed working with the company so much. We have another video currently being edited that I think youll love!

Go here to scope out all the great products at Emi Jay. And as always, send in your Hippie Halo photos!

Divine Caroline: Heat Protecting Products

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After my post on blow dryers, its only appropriate for me to write about heat protection! Click here to read!

Beach hair. Im talking real-live beach hair.

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As much as I love products that give you beach hair, there is still nothing like actual beach hair. I went to the beach over the holiday weekend and was as excited about having real mermaid beach hair as I was to actually be at the beach. See my face below for proof.

How cute am I in a wetsuit? Not cute? Crap!

My surfing coach told me I was a natural. Who cares what a liar my surfing coach is, because all that crashing and salt water drinking (and snorting) only means wet ocean hair. And wet ocean hair means dry ocean beach mermaid waves. Score!

Sidenote: my shoulders and arms are still killing me from all the surfing, but I made some major progress in my skills. I am stoked to be a totally gnarly surfer babe one day. Until then, Ill just settle for good beach hair that doesnt come from a bottle.

Heres to summer and beach going! And mermaid hair! And surfing wounds (unfortunately).

And if you cant get to a real beach, try this or this. Youre welcome, Muah!

Happy weekend!

(also, so slammed and havent chosen any giveaway winners yet. soon my friends.)

Hair Sixth Sense.

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Today Im here to report a magical, miraculous power my hair has.

And that is.

My hair can make it rain.

All I have to do is blow dry my hair straight, and it will be raining, Im talking catsing and dogsing within 12 hours.

When the left photo was taken, it was nothing but summer sun and clear skies. The photo on the right was taken the next morning, when the old man was definitely snoring and I had to go outside for a few seconds.

Does anyone else have this kind of magical hair? Does anyone know how to monetize such a gift?

My solution? Throw in a quarter size amount of Je Veux and do a once over taking big sections with my blow dryer and brush. Im like the first picture again. Until its time to go outside.

Giveaway: Oribe Signature Set

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Hello again! To celebrate 3,000 HDOF facebook friends, Im giving away a shampoo/conditioner set from Oribe.

This set includes the Signature Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.


To enter, leave one comment and Ill choose a winner next Wednesday!

Good luck!

If you havent, go like my facebook fanpage here!

Giveaway: Pocket Mason Pearson

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To celebrate 2,000 likes on our Hairdresser On Fire Facebook page, were doing a great giveaway today. Since 2,000 was a big one, I decided to give away one of my favorite tools, the Pocket Mason Pearson. I have called Mason Pearsons the Rolls Royce of hair brushes, and whoever owns one (or wins this) will understand why. It not only feels amazing just holding it, but it also glides smoothly through your hairΒ with each luxurious bristle. I fancy this brush, I fancy everything about it.

This brush is great for any hair type or length, but with it being the pocket size, it is especially great for short haireds, and be-bangeds. If you want the worlds smoothest bangs (like Zooeys) blow dry them with this brush. Trust. Just trust.

To enter, just leave me a comment. A nice one. Or a funny one! Yeah! For an extra shot at winning, tweet linking to this giveaway and leave your tweets URL in your extra comment. Ill choose a winner in one week!

Good luck, and coming up soon will be another giveaway to celebrate 2,500 likes!

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Tinted Shampoos and Conditioners

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Another great way to keep your color looking beautiful, is to freshen it up with color tinted shampoos and conditioners. These are actually great even if you dont color treat your hair. Do you ever feel like your hair just looks drab? I hate that! I sometimes feel like it look sickly when my color is looking bad.

My favorite line of color shampoos and conditioners is Davines. They have lots of different colors. I love using chocolate on my clients. Ill do it even once in a while when they come in for a blow out just to give them a pick me up. This line is a little spendy, but the bottles are large and will last you a really long time, especially since you would only want to use it about once a week. Click here to buy!

Another great one is Manic Panic High Voltage Colorizing Shampoo and Conditioner. These are meant to compliment actual Manic Panic color, but Ive used a little of the red/pink to give my hair a little umph when I was pinkish last summer. Like Davines, you only want to use these once a week, and obviously they are for a little more for the daring girl. Click here to buy!

Have you tried a tinted shampoo and conditioner?



Shampoo and Conditioner for color treated hair.

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I get a lot of emails asking if color shampoo and conditioner is necessary.


Well, yes if youre trying to make your color last.

Shampoo is made to strip your hair of oils and dirt, and unfortunately this also means it strips hair color, making it look dull and faded. Color shampoo protects your hair color from fading. If that doesnt convince you, and youre holding back because you dont want one more thing to buy, remember that you are getting more money out of your color service if you are making it last longer! Not taking care of it properly is kind of a waste, right?

So, color shampoos and conditioners really work!

Here are a few that I like


Although I dont recommend low end shampoos and conditioners, here are a few if your pocket book doesnt agree with the above.

Herbal Essences

Then all you have left to do is chant to your hair colorwilling it to obey you.

last, last, last, last, last