HDOF on HM.com!

Posted in Press on November 28th, 2012 by Reagan

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Im so excited to tell you all that Hairdresser on Fire was featured on H&Ms blog, H&M LIFE!

Go read my little snippet here!



Whittemore House featured in The Cut.

Posted in Press on September 3rd, 2012 by Reagan

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New York Magazines blog The Cut did a little write up about my salon last week. They interviewed my fellow stylists/colorists and myself about our beauty routine and called us The Hot Girl Factory. I dont mind a description like that one single bit!

Theres a cool little slideshow of all my amazingly stylish Whittemore Teammates, go here to see the photos and read the whole story!


Photos by Elizabeth Lippman

Story by Christina Han

PS Im wearing this lipstick in the picture.

Hairdresser On Fire on Elle.com

Posted in Press on August 8th, 2012 by Reagan

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A few days ago I was on Elle.com!

Here is a screen shot of the page. It was truly an honor that Madam Tussaud made a wax figure of me. Kidding. But seriously, I somehow look like a wax figure of myself and its amazing, no? Now I know how to prune, smize and look like a wax figure. Also, dont you love my browser tabs? Im the biggest fan of Big Brother in the world, and I dont care who knows it.

When I was interviewed, I was a little distracted by being in hair and make-up. If I could go back, I would have said things all different. Like, Hairdresser on Fire is a magical blog where the more you read, the larger your hair gets.. Which is true. Ive had reader submitted testimonials.

Why was I on Elle.com?

Last Saturday, I walked in a Blogher Fashion Show. It was a very fun event and I always love connecting with other bloggers even though Im so awkward. Side note: when there is a small group of people around, I am the social queen. When there are more than say..ten, I feel incredibly awkward, and not in a cute way. I freeze up and turn into some sort of introvert. So a lot of blogging events intimidate me. I know a lot of people at Blogher by now, and it was great to see all the amazing women who are so talented and smart. I love this community!

So anyway, we did a fashion show that I will tell you all about soon! It will probably be a few weeks before we get any pictures back, but as soon as I do, theyll be posted. The clothes were beautiful, and my fabulous friend Katherine Finney styled two amazing outfits for me to walk in. I cant wait to share!

As soon as the pictures come back, Ill be telling you all about my hair and make up for the night. Especially how I got these curls!

Go here to see the story!

Tyras website

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I was recently interview along with a few other stylists for Tyra Banks website, Type F! I was asked a few questions about root lift for her beauty section.

Here is a link to the full article.

HDOF featured on Scwharzkopf Trendy Looks Blog

Posted in News, Press on August 18th, 2011 by Jake

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We are very flattered that Schwarzkopf chose to feature Reagan and her red hair on their blog. Link through here to check out Reagans post about going red.

Colorist Charlie Regec

Photography: Jacob Breinholt