European Vacation

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I just got home from a glorious trip to France and Italy with a few friends. We saw beautiful things, ate delicious food and drank the best wine.

andI didnt do my hair a single time.

I brought a curling iron, but the European converters made short work of that. I opted not to pack a suitcase full of leaky liquids, so I also didnt have much in the hair product category. I suppose this was my very lowest maintenance trip Ive ever taken (not to mention my luggage was lost the first three days)! I relied on dry shampoo, my pocket Mason Pearson hairbrush, and my trusty old hair knot (ties hair up in an actual knot and forgets about it for forever) to get me by. I keep toying with chopping off my hair in the fall, and then I remember the love affair I have with my easy, long hair. So, theres that.

Holy smokes I havent posted on Hairdresser On Fire since the fall!

In other news..

Im posting hair relateds on a new(ish) insta feed I created in the middle of the night when I was Jetlagging hard after a trip to Southeast Asia in March. Feel free to follow! And tag your haircuts/Dos if youre coming in to see me!



Miss you all dearly <3



Working hard but feels more like hardly working.

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I have been working on the best jobs lately. In September I did a little work shooting a TV pilot (cross your fingers!), this Monday Im shooting 6 Holiday hair how to videos, and next week Im off to South Carolina to teach a class on styling. I love being in the salon, but find that getting out for shoots, education or other creative projectskeeps me feeling excited for work and my skills sharpened.

I dont think I could work in an industry that doesnt provide so much variety.

I woke up this morning and realized I have my dream job.

Happy Halloween!

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Sorry, I havent been around..Ive been tied up.

But I do hope you have a spooky and exciting Halloween. Ive already worn two costumes this year, Ill post the other one soon!

Stay safe out there my little Ghouls!

2013 New York ING Marathon

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Im so excited to announce that Ill be running the ING New York Marathon this year. Im in the early stages of my training program, but the miles are building up swimmingly (runningly?) despite this blasted July heat. If I can only cut back on the popsicles and fro-yum, Ill be good to go.

On November 3rd, 2013, Ill be running on behalf of a fantastic charity called Crutches 4 Kids. Its a small, but great little charity that helps provide injured children in third world countries with proper walkers, canes and crutches. As you can imagine, these crutches arent all that expensive, so your donations will really help a huge number of children who would otherwise not be able to play or attend school on their own.

I feel fortunate every day to have a healthy body that functions just as I need it to, and Im so excited to have the chance to use it in a way that will help others who dont have that luxury.

Id consider myself very lucky to have your support throughout my training, and it would mean a great deal to me to receive any donations that you feel comfortable contributing towards Crutches 4 Kids. You can also help by forwarding this to anyone you think might be interested in helping.

Lastly, if youre a local, for crying out loud come out on marathon Sunday and cheer me on! Ill be the girl with the huge, impossibly grateful grin. I cant promise I wont tackle hug you at the finish line.


A million Xs and two million Os,

Reagan Breinholt


Video: What Is Hair Painting?

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I get asked frequently on instagram about the technique my colorist (Carla Naya) uses to highlight my hair. Instead of foils, there are large panels of hair taken and painted with free hand, which looks scary if youve never had it done. Please enjoy the video Joe, Carla and I made to better explain the art of Hair Painting!


HDOF Hair Painting from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

AvocadoJens wedding.

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My friend Jen (avocadojen to you insta-friends!) got married last weekend. Id love to post some more pics with her hair and beautiful flower crown, but today Ill just post a few of my hair and crown! All the women in the wedding wore a little braid detail and a little flower (or not so little) detail. In my head I kept saying this wedding was urban hippie, which felt right. The wedding party was put up in an incredible loft in Williamsburg, and the wedding was held at a cool outdoor pizza place in Bushwick.

Here are some photos! The hair was fun, the gowns were fun, the wedding was real fun.

I made myself a little Caesar style flower crown, that only went around the back, because I decided the bride should be the only one with flowers in the front..since shes clearly the special one.

The other bridesmaid, Kylie, and I wore these beautiful green ACNE gowns that we got from Barneys NY. Im so lucky to have a very close friend who works there and treats me to an occasional discount. Ill wear this beaut many more times. Kylie and I didnt have plans to match, but we both loved this color and shape so much that it just worked out that way! Tara, the redheaded cutie, was a grooms-lady and Im really hoping someone got a good picture of her hair, because the back was a braided creation!

Some of my friends walked by Robertas that night and remembered I was at a wedding there that night, so they peeked in the tents to see if they could spot me. They said theyd never seen a sillier wedding dancer in their lives. Which wasnt hard for me to believe, because I cannot tear myself away from the dance floor at a wedding.

More to come! And its time I did some more tutorials!

Photos by Laurie Sales

Roaring 20s

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(Karries gorgeous headband C/O Andreas Beau)

I think the motto for the way people did themselves up in the 1920s was leave no accessories behind. Diamonds and feathers piled up on top of pearls, beads, fringe, gloves, curls and bold lips. Amazing. I sometimes think I was meant to be friends with Daisy Buchanan on the Long Island Sound, long long ago.

So when my friend Kristin threw a 20s inspired costume party, I saw nothing but curls and diamonds in my hairs future. I started with setting some finger waves in my hair with some Styling Cream by SachaJuan, and finished off by curling my ends (from the chin down) with this iron before combing them out with my Mason Pearson. I quickly put together this little headpiece with some trimming I picked up in midtown, and clipped on this jeweled piece I made for my sisters wedding back in September. Here is a photo of my hair setting:

Costume parties are always fun when everyone gets into it. In NYC, there is always that moment of panic when youre taking public transit to your destination, and you get a sense of what it will be like if you are the only one taking the theme seriously. Thankfully this was not the case for my friend Karrie and I, and Kristins friends all came very well prepared. Here are a few photos of the party.. incredible was this venue? The penthouse of a downtown highrise with a wrap-around terrace for the best views of the city.

Yes, finger waves..if youll allow me to toot my own hair horn for a minute, I was kind of a young genius at them in beauty school on my mannequin. The state required a certain amount to be passed off, and I remember loving them and not understanding why everyone complained so much. Ive done them quite often since then, however, theyre pretty hard to do on yourself! Towards the end of the party, when I was really ready to dance, I took off my headpiece and shook my hair out. I love the effect the finger waves had on my hair once it was completely shaken out, and I actually might start doing it more..for a daily kind of wear. (unfortunately it does take some time to set!)

Are you excited to see The Great Gatsby? Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong in my opinion. Plus the book is just really something special, Ive read it three times!

Most photos by Ty Mecham, but some not.

29. And special hair.

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My 29th birthday was on Monday (February 4th). Yay! If you are interested, Id love to share how I celebrated!

I had a plan to go to Verameat in the East Village and pick out a piece of jewelry for a present to myself with my friend Anna, but then we ended up going early because they had a huge sale on January 31st! I felt so lucky that Anna noticed the sale and told me about it. I was able to pick out a few pieces that I wouldnt have splurged on otherwise. Like this spine duster and feather ring. I also bought a little teeny (as I call it) ring that goes inbetween my knuckles. Those rings have always reminded me of my mama, who wears more rings than anyone I know. My siblings and I joke that when shes late for something, its because shes still putting on rings.

On the day of, I celebrated pretty casually, but still had a beautiful dinner with some of my best girlfriends at a great restaurant downtown. We went to Freemans on the Lower East Side, where I had a white bean soup with a side of roasted brussles sprouts. My friends were so sweet to treat me to dinner and fancy drinks, which made me feel even more special considering it was nice enough of them to come out on such a cold night (which might be the worst part of a winter birthday!).

Jen, Me, Kristen, Karrie and Anna.

Even though it was a cozy and casual event, which is really just the way I like it, I still wanted to feel a little special. Lately, my special hair secret weapon is a row or two of clip in extensions! My friend Lacy has her own hair extensions company, and recently came out with a new line of ombre clip-ins. I trimmed them to my own length, and had my colorist ,Carla, gloss them to match my hair exactly. They blend perfectly, and just thicken up my hair a little more on the ends, which actually makes it look much longer! Its perfect for someone like me, who likes almost no daily fuss or maintenance when it comes to my hair, but really likes to go all out once in a while. Plus, I have a drawer of hair in my bedroom which literally makes me laugh out loud every time I open it.

If you have a special occasion (or not!) coming up, and want fancy hair, please check out Laced Hair Extensions!

And Ill be doing a tutorial on how to put in your clip-ins soon!

Mens hair with a razor

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Ive been using a straight razor more and more on my man haircuts these days. Im not really a fan of that crunchy hard gel look, so any and all texture that can be added to their hair just means less product needed for styling. One of my very favorite clients, Clay, (who I should mention is engaged to my good friend Jen B!) only uses a spritz or two of Ocean Mist, which he discovered because Jen uses it! The combination of the razor with the salty spray and his natural waves is like money in the bank. I dont know how its like money in the bank, but I heard a rapper sing that and I knew I wanted to use it on my blog (I believe in honesty even when it proves that youre a huge nerd.).

Oh, dont let me forget the neckline! Undercutting the neckline so it lays softly is the key. I need a picture, dont I?

Hairstylists, whats your favorite trick for man haircuts? I like calling it a man haircut. It sounds caveman-ish.

A winter wedding weekend

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Its the weekend (Yes!!!!!)!

Im at a wedding (and Im a bridesmaid!) in Utah. Im doing my hair down and hoping to stay warm during pictures outside. A perk of long hair, you know

You stay warm too and well see you Monday with part two of my Holiday Special!

pic from my sisters wedding in September taken by Rebecca Rosell Enslein