Come Rain or Shine Blowout with eSalon

Posted in News on April 9th, 2016 by Reagan

Im so excited for the launch of these 3 video tutorials I did with eSalon! I tried out their entire line of styling products and found every one of them to do exactly what they had promised. Im always looking for fulness with some shake and swing to it, so the first tutorial Im sharing is Come Rain or Shine, which was inspired by Get Lifted root lift spray. I prepped by shampooing with Big Love Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo, and conditioning with Big Softie Color Safe Volumizing Conditioner. I combed it all through with the eSalon paddle brush, and blow dried it with a medium sized metal round brush.

<3 See video below <3

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Thanks eSalon!!

Stay tuned for the next two videos!

Come Rain or Shine video shot by Joe Varca, with a special thanks to Deandre Peoples.

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  1. Linda DStrayer Says:

    Really good products with cheap prices. I love Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo, it maintains rich and vibrant color. Hope to get more best cheap products from you. Thanks!!!

  2. Jan Says:

    Love your posts! Please post more


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