Working hard but feels more like hardly working.

Posted in News on November 1st, 2013 by Reagan

I have been working on the best jobs lately. In September I did a little work shooting a TV pilot (cross your fingers!), this Monday I’m shooting 6 Holiday hair how to videos, and next week I’m off to South Carolina to teach a class on styling. I love being in the salon, but find that getting out for shoots, education or other creative projects…keeps me feeling excited for work and my skills sharpened.

I don’t think I could work in an industry that doesn’t provide so much variety.

I woke up this morning and realized I have my dream job.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I wish I had a career. Hopefully one day.You are one lucky girl. Good luck with your endeavors!I love your blog and can’t wait for more posts.

  2. Z Says:

    will you be sharing the tutorials??!!

  3. Another Amy Says:

    Happy for you Reagan! You are obviously very good at what you do too to be afforded the opportunities you are :)

  4. Myers Says:

    What city/salon are you teaching a class in SC???

  5. Abigail Mae Prescott Says:

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  6. Kim Irwin Says:

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  7. Rex Power Colt Says:

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  8. Rachel C Says:

    So sad to see the end of your blob, but I get it. I will miss your Pip posts so much and hope you continue to post here. Best wishes to you :)

  9. Daniel Says:

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  13. Alex Says:

    It’s good to know that you have a great job while maintaining your composure and enjoying what you do best. Good luck to more of your ventures this new year. I bet there are lots of working women that will surely love how you feels like.

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  22. Amy Wilkinson Says:

    You are so lucky to be living the dream. I work hard setting up my business selling hair extensions and hope to one day live a jet-setting lifestyle similar to yours :)

  23. Amanda Says:

    great blog, love the pictures :)

  24. sarah younes Says:

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  25. Eva Says:

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  29. StilettoDash Says:

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  30. Jane Says:

    I don’t know you personally and you most definitely don’t know me but I am so happy that you’re happy doing your job. It’s so rare that you find your passion and let other people pay you for doing it. Hope I find mine, too!

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  32. JJ Says:

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  35. Erica Says:

    What a great educational post. I wish you the best of luck on your 7 videos you are shooting for. And I would love to know how that Pilot shoot came out! I just ran across your blog and am already glad I did! You’ve got a lifetime follower!

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  37. Lynda Says:

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  38. Juliana Says:

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  42. Louise at Spindles Says:

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  43. sarah younes Says:

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  44. Marge Dandon Says:

    Wish you posted more pics, tutorials and share how you do all that amazing work. Haven’t seen a new post for a while :) Must be super busy.

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  46. Jonareynolds Says:

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