Avoiding Hat Hair.

Posted in Answers, Tutorial on November 19th, 2012 by Reagan

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Love hats but hate hat-hair?


Well, I figured out a trick and I basically never had hat-hair again. Steps below!

one. Decide where you want your hair parted that day sans hat. I chose the middle.
two. Part your hair heavily to one side (basically anywhere besides step one)
three. Put on your hat.

When you take off your hat, you can shake your hair around and part it back to where you originally wanted it. Voila! No hat-hair! I should have taken a photo of step four, which is Get a million boyfriends.

Remember this little tip, because its winter hat season and Im tired of being the only one in this city with cute, non hat-hair. Jk.

Like my turban (turb)? I got it in London back in the day. Here is a cute winter one I love!


27 Responses to Avoiding Hat Hair.

  1. Amy Says:

    Brilliant! Thank you!! I need all the help I can get because I have such a love for hats but hate looking like a boy, which I do when I have that nasty hat hair :)

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    This is ridiculously simple, yet brilliant. I will probably be using this technique all winter, thanks!

  3. Heather M Says:

    You smarty pants! Ill never have hat hair again!!

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    I like, thanks for sharing

  5. Emily Says:

    Thank you for sharing this tip! I particularly like step four when you get a million boyfriends. I usually just pretend that my toque is a fashion statement and leave it on even when Im indoors to avoid hat head. Although that technique usually leaves me overheating.

    - Emily

  6. Rae Says:

    I love your turb. And THANK YOU! I walk to work and sometimes need to wear a beanie bc its so cold. If my hair is curly (which is the norm) its fine, but if its straight (like last Fri) I have to just suck it up so my nice straight hair doesnt get a dent. Im thinking it might still happen but this part trick should definitely help!

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  8. Xcentric Hair Says:

    Gorgeous hair!

  9. Tif Says:

    This is a fantastic post not only because I need this trick but it shows your fantastic personality perfectly and I just love you! Have a happy day.

  10. Kimberly Says:

    Any tips for those of us with bangs? I doubt theres a trick but if there is, I would love it!

  11. Renee K Says:

    Ditto to the bangs question! I have thick blunt bangs that are always flattened by hats in this frigid Chicago winter. Any suggestions??

  12. skin weft hair extensions Says:

    Very nice hair. You look so pretty.

  13. Rachel C Says:

    Great tip! These little pieces of info can be seriously helpful, and I always wonder why I never thought of that before. I love me some winter hats!

  14. Kate Says:

    Best winter hair tip ever. So glad to get rid of hat hair!

  15. Peruvian Hair Says:

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  16. Amanda Blair Says:

    It really works! I tried it with a fedora which always dents my hair but not so with this little tricky, trick!

  17. Katrina Says:

    Girl, youre a genius. X

  18. West Perth Hairdressers Says:

    Haha, badly needed this one. Now I can wear any hat without having to suffer a after hat effect.

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  20. lovelovely Says:

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  21. Julia Says:

    There is not time when hat hair is worse than with fuzzy warm winter hats. Your solution is so simple, but most people would not think of it. It even helps with static hair because when you flip your part back into place, the static hair is safely hidden underneath, Thanks for sharing.

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  23. Lewis Saka Says:

    i think hat hair can be sexy gives the impression youve been up to something naughty :) who wants to stay prim and proper!

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  25. Susie Says:

    Thanks for your sharing.
    I am upsetting about this matter.
    I just have try to do it , then I found my hair part it back to where you originally wanted it

  26. POKER ONLINE Says:

    nice too sharing this..

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