A trim and a gloss.

Posted in Products on October 25th, 2012 by Reagan

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You’d think working at a salon I could get my hair cut and/or colored any old day I fancy, but you know something? No one (including myself) ever has time. I have spent the last two weeks at work trying to squeeze a trim inbetween clients or during someone’s lunch. It finally happened today. Kristen spritzed down my hair with leave in conditioner and cut a totally straight line across the back. No time for any shaping and I did the world’s quickest blow dry on myself in order to look presentable for my next client. If memory serves…Kristen remarked how my ends were just “falling off” at the sight of the scissors. They were ready.

As for the color…I wrangled Carla into glossing me last week. Same story. She tossed on a gloss at the sink, hoping to layer it a few times for the perfect tone, but after the first round I realized I didn’t have enough time.  I don’t know what else she had in store but to me it looks perfect as it is.

And by the way, I still haven’t done any highlights since June, I’m totally going to make it to my goal for no highlights til December..and even beyond!

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23 Responses to “A trim and a gloss.”

  1. Maura Says:

    Well, despite not having had time for shaping and an actual dye job, your hair looks fantastic!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Love your Docs!!!

  3. Rae Says:

    Your hair looks delicious!

  4. Rebeka Says:

    girlfriend, your hair looks amazing! it’s crazy that such a small amount of work can make it look SO good! #jealous

  5. Alysia Merriman Says:

    Hairstylist question here…. when you say LAYERS in terms of a toner gloss, what are you doing in between layers? Rinsing and towel drying? I always tone with Shades EQ, but I’ve never done these LAYERS you speak of, haha!

  6. Mia Says:

    Looks great! And I love that bag. Who makes it?

  7. dissertation proposal help Says:

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  8. christine Says:

    I worked in many prestgious salons in my years of hairdressing. In London, Burlington, Windsor. One day a walkin client came in. I asked if I could help her. She said she was looking. “Looking for what?” I asked. She said,”For the hairdresser who has her hair styles perfecty.” “why would you be looking for those trates?” I enquired.
    Her answer was, “If she takes care of herself that well she will take the same care of me.”
    She was taken back with my remarks, “I would choose the one who is not perfectly styled. I would look for the one who is too busy to have the time to sit and get pampered. She should have a great cut and be clean and fresh but not perfect. This way you know she is good for she is too busy to take time for herself.”
    I guess things over 50 years have not changed much

  9. Jenni Says:

    Love everything about your hair in this picture! Is your hair naturally curly? Mine has gotten very curly since I had surgery two years ago….tight ringlets underneath! I just can’t seem to find the right product to use to keep it curly but not crunchy. When I wake up the curls have unraveled in to a hot mess of frizz. I would love product suggestions. When I showed my husband this picture and told him I love your hair he said it looked kind of like mine. Your just looks softer with less frizz. Hope you have good product suggestions. Love this blog!!

  10. Jessica Says:

    I second Jenni’s request! :) I too have curly hair & have been growing it out for a couple of years..Now that it’s finally starting to get long, it’s flatter on top & curly on bottom. I have a great stylist who does amazing things to prevent me from getting “triangle hair” but I would love some suggestions on what to do to get happy, semi-curly hair. Yours looks amazing-the hair I aspire to! :) what is your routine when you wear your hair curly? even 2nd, 3rd day ideas..

  11. Team Naturalff Says:

    Love the outfit. Great site too!

  12. ebba Says:

    ph second that request as well! i have semi curly/wavy hair and it always looks great the first day post washing, but after that is just a crusty frizz ball. or as i like to call it “the cauliflower haircut”.

    tips on products would be so helpful.

  13. Maura Says:

    Ebba, Jessica, and Jenni. If you look under the “Curl” or “My Hair dos” tags, you’ll find the different products and techniques she suggests for curly hair.

  14. Lindsey Says:

    Is there any truth to this DIY scalp treatment?


    Would you recommend it? Looks so fun. I would love if you could investigate and post on it! I’ve tried a coconut milk hair mask and it was SO nourishing!

  15. salon and spa Says:

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  16. Hair Removal Says:

    The blog is sharing information about the gloss and the hair styles.

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    Really good logo but would probably look better as a shoulder patch.

  18. Alex Says:

    I would love to hear more about what a hair gloss is. For instance, are there benefits to putting gloss on natural hair? How much would a gloss alter the color of hair?

  19. samantha Says:

    I totally second Alex! More discussion/tutorials on color would be faaaaaaab.

    We know you hate box color, so let’s assume that’s out of the equation. Tell us about what you like for yourself and your clients!

    Thanks boo!!

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    Great Blog. Keep me updated about other happenings

  21. Victoria Says:

    Your hair looks beautiful, and I love your bag. Would you mind sharing some info on it? Thanks!

  22. Jennifer Says:

    Oh boy, your pictures are just the push I need to keep growing out my hair! This weekend I was THIS CLOSE to having it all chopped off, despite growing it out for over a year and a half now. It’s just past my shoulders, so I’m not quite out of the awkward phase yet. I’m bookmarking your blog for sure! Your hair is beautiful and now I have hair envy.

  23. Hair extensions Says:

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