Tutorial: The Bride of Frankenstein

Posted in Tutorial on October 17th, 2012 by Reagan

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If youre looking for an elaborate Halloween costume that is easy and cheap, then I suggest you watch this tutorial. I love Halloween and totally wouldnt mind doing Halloween hair tutorials only from here on out.

HDOF-BOF-D1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Supplies youll need:

Hairpins (work better than bobbies)
Styrofoam Cone
Extensions (Optional)


Tease your hair until its high and mighty.  Spray with hairspray like crazy. Place Styrofoam cone on your head in desired position. Pull up large sections of your hair to cover the foam cone, and pin into styrofoam. You can stick the pins directly into the foam! Continue until foam is completely covered by your hair and it feels secure. Optional: add a strip of extensions onto either side of your head at the temple area. I curled mine with a marcel iron. Spray with hairspray like crazy.

Now youre ready to get married. Lots of people are possessed on their wedding day you know.

My favorite parts are all the parts with huge hair, and when the candle gets lit. My least favorite part was combing out the teasing which mightnt have been so bad if I had done it that night instead of stuffing it into a bun for two more days

And just because I have to say it somewhereI would like you to know that I was this close to calling this a spooktorial.

Special thanks to the very talented Joe Varca for making this awesome film and Amanda Blair for being the worlds best light flickerer.

What do you think?

37 Responses to Tutorial: The Bride of Frankenstein

  1. Zak Says:

    That was awesome.

  2. whitney mccoy Says:

    AHH! LOVE it! You seriously have the BEST tutes. I love that they are little short films, instead of just Ok.. here is what you do Not that those arent great.. but yours are fun. ;)

    I really love it and I MIGHT just have to try this out on Halloween.

  3. Violet Says:

    I love this one so much!!

  4. kati Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Andrea Says:

    That was hilarious and fantastic. I love your new videos.

  6. Sarah Says:

    That was truly awesome! It was so unique and that is why I love checking out this blog. Cant wait for more.

  7. Becki D. Says:


  8. Magalie Says:

    Amazing tutorial!! Congratulations to you and your team Reagan.
    Cheers from far away, Magalie.

  9. tamara Says:

    Ale super stronka, warto poczytac.

  10. Audrey Says:

    That was awesome! I love the old horror movie feel.

  11. Mary Says:

    Omg that was totally hair-raising!! :) Hands down THE best tutorial I have ever seen. Ever. You totally forget you are watching a tutorial its so seamless. Simply spooktacular!!

  12. Allison Says:

    AMAZING! So fun! Loved it.

  13. Barb Says:

    Fabulous! Best Halloween hair tutorial ever!!! Thanks for making my day.

  14. Mariah Says:

    That was awesome. You totally shouldve called it a spooktorial. Also, re combing out the teasingof course combing it out straight away wouldve been easiest, but what a waste of perfect bun hair!! I applaud your decision!

  15. Kelly Says:

    So fun!

    The style of this ad made me think of you


  16. research paper writer Says:

    So ncie great so nice!

  17. A&EMom Says:

    Oh my goodness! SO FUN!

  18. Michelle Says:

    So cool and creative!!! Youre awesome.

  19. Emily Says:


  20. kristin Says:

    love the video!! and absolutely adored the hair- it was awesome!

  21. janice Says:

    Have you read Mary Shelleys Frankenstein? The bride never comes to life and is just an assemblage of dead peopless body parts( as is the Monster). You are way too pretty to be the real bride of the real Frankenstein!

    That said, as a teacher who instructs on the novel every year (and spends way too much time thinking sbout Frankenstein the novel), I loved this tutorial. The mood was so clearly conveyed. I might use this video to show a modern day connection to the novel. Thanks!

  22. MelanieBaker Says:

    Absolutely amazing. Great job Reagan!

  23. Mahmud Sumon Says:


  24. Sofia Says:

    That looks amazing, so much fun!

  25. Nancy Says:

    Do you realize how scary this is?? :)

    Are there awards out there for best tutorials, because this would win!!

  26. Emily Says:

    Hi Reagan,
    I love the huge stack of hair. Im doing this for next Halloween for sure! (this halloween is sadly the night before I have a quiz) You totally should have called is a spooktorial! Thats absolutely fantastic but then again Im all over corny jokes.

    - Emily

  27. Rae Says:

    Best tut youve ever made. Seriously spooky and rad huge hair. Bravo Reags.

  28. Lucie Says:

    That was fantastic

  29. sarah Says:

    wowthat was so well made, and sowatchable! Loved it! xo

  30. Lea Anne Says:

    This is AMAZING!! I am def. going to use this hair-do next Halloween!

  31. HALEY Says:

    i really like this video

  32. Emily Says:

    You are just so cool. That was phenomenal!!!

  33. Eleni Says:

    This was Fantastic!!! So well done and so creative. Great job.

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  35. Kelly Says:

    Very helpful cant wait to try it out! Looks quick and easy!!

  36. Miss Clark Says:

    Most dramatic hair tutorial ever haha xx

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