Tutorial: Fishtail Maude Braids (of the pully nature.)

Posted in News, Tutorial on September 21st, 2012 by Reagan

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Now that we know how cool it looks to pull at our fishtail braids, I thought Id show you a few ways to wear em!

As many of you know, Harold and Maude is one of my all time favorite movies. Maude is a dream. I aspire to have her courage and timeless youthfulness. Anyway, she wears her hair in two braids piled up on top of her head for most of the movie, I wrote about it here. This style below is really just a fancy Maude style, swapping out the normal braids for pully fishtails braids.

 Heres how you do it:

1. Do this.
2. Pull both braids up onto the top of your head (one at a time if you prefer)
3. Pin them in place, making sure the ends of your fishtails are tucked underneath each other.
4. Take a cue from Maude. Sing some Cat Stevens. Run from the cops. Get a boyfriend 50 years your junior.

I think this style looks so awesome with the pulled fishtail spin. I wore it to a Physique 57 class and felt super cool while I pathetically tried to lunge and squeeze my thighs in pain for an hour straight.

9 Responses to Tutorial: Fishtail Maude Braids (of the pully nature.)

  1. kokoleelee Says:

    What lipstick are your rockin? I dont know why this is in capslock.

  2. mandi Says:

    Just wanted to let you know, links dont seem to be working on here (referring to where you wrote about Maude) and this (linking, I assume, to the post where you showed pulled fishtail braids). Just wanted to give you a heads up :) Braids are super super cute!

  3. Meleny Says:

    How are you able to braid your own hair so well? I can barely reach the back of my head let alone manage to make a straight fishtail braid!

  4. NANCY Says:

    LIpstick color?? NOw we are obsessed with your lips. :)

  5. Rae Says:

    Physique = torture!!
    Super cute style, love it. love your love for maude.

  6. dee Says:

    Random side note. I hope that if you ever have the chance to have a second daughter, you name her maude, since the combo of PIper & Maude (nicknames pippy and mo) is unbeatable.

  7. Ashley K. Edwards Says:

    My goodness that looks like alot of work!

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