Tutorial: How to make a Flower Crown

Posted in News, Tutorial on September 17th, 2012 by Reagan

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I love flower crowns. Flowers in my hair is a sure way to make me feel pretty and put a smile on my face. So lets make some flower crowns! Theyre super easy! I made mine while humming the song If youre going to San Fransisco.

Supplies you will need:
Lots of flowers. I used silk. I find that getting mostly big flowers works the best.
Green wire. Theyll have it in the floral arranging section at your craft store.
Green floral tape. Also at your craft store.
Wire cutters.
Glue gun (optional)

Step one: Start by making a circle the size of your head with the wire. You can double or triple up to make it sturdier.

Step two: Use your wire cutters to clip the flowers so that they have about an inch of stem near the blossom.

Step three: Attach your flowers to the wire one by one, working backwards so each new blossom is covering the stem of the one before it. Youll want to wrap the tape around each stem several times to make sure its secure.

Optional: Use a glue gun on any loose areas. I also glued down some of the tape, since its not the stickiest!

Not optional: Wear your flower crown and never stop smiling.

I made this flower crown for a very exciting photo shoot my friend will be doing. I cant wait to share those photos when theyre up!

18 Responses to Tutorial: How to make a Flower Crown

  1. Anna Says:

    it looks so beautiful!!!!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Ahhhh! I love this!!!!! I LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF YOUR BLOG, TOO.

  3. Rae Says:

    So cute!!!! You are so LDR. :)

  4. Meleny Says:

    I need to find the tine to do this; sooooo cute.

  5. International Flower Delivery Says:

    These are just totally adorabLE. amazing!

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  7. Anniepop Says:

    Your flower crown turned out amazing! I made my flower crowns using a head band and felt: http://www.anniepop.com/2012/12/diy-flower-crown.html

    Im excited to try something similar to yours to see how it turns out :)

  8. LtNicolae Says:

    Someday I wanna make this for my girlfriend.

  9. Bulan Says:

    thank you, i love it ;)

  10. arnetta Says:

    thats beautiful :*

  11. Elisa Says:

    Im going to try this for this Summer!


  12. amanda Says:

    I really hope that if i make one of these, it will look as good as this one!! its sooo good :-)

  13. Aishwarya Says:

    dis is really good..il definately try dis.. :)

  14. Sunnie Says:

    I made this and it turned out amazing! Thanks for your awesome tutorial!

  15. Shelley Says:

    Love this. I found this website that sells fabulous flowers for $0.50 each at the moment http://www.feather.com.au

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  17. Eren Jaeger Says:

    Cool I am gonna be a sugar skull for Halloween so I thought that a flower crown will be perfect to go with it.

  18. Eren Jaeger Says:

    Cool I am gonna be a sugar skull for Halloween so I thought that a flower crown will be perfect to go with it. I am gonna be Eren sugar skull JAEGER! I WILL KILL ALL THE TITANS! while looking pretty with a flower crown!


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