Braiding at Ash for Fashions Night Out.

Posted in News on September 9th, 2012 by Reagan

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My friend (and WH co-worker) Kristen and I did a little Braid Bar at Ash Shoes in Soho for Fashions Night Out. I had fun because I realized I was giving people a free braid, and I could do anything I wanted on them. Its always fun to practice and fine tune my braid creativity. Especially when there is good music to swivel my hips along with while my fingers braid.

It was fun and I love these events, but I think I might be retiring from Fashions Night Out. If youve never been, allow me to explain. Soho on Fashions Night Out is like Mardi Gras and New Years Eve in Times Squares little baby. With a dash of Spring Break and Halloween. Packed streets, people in costumes and public drunkenness at its most eccentric. Next year Im going to call it an early night and cozy up with Netflix. Far, far away from the crowds.

But at least there was a photo booth for me and Kristen to act foolish in.

Chambray shirt from here!

15 Responses to Braiding at Ash for Fashions Night Out.

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Just had to say how much I ADORE the new look!!!! Love Hairdresser on Fire!

  2. amy Says:

    I think it looks like fun. I love your shirt! Where did you buy your shirt?

  3. Becca Says:

    I love your blogs redesign! It is so lovely! Also, braiding is one of my favorite things to do! I envy you and your opportunities! haha! Youre so great! :)

  4. Rebeka Says:

    Oohh how fun!! All of the braids look awesome.

  5. Tina Says:

    Looks awesome and fun! Like the pink and red lipsticks more on you

  6. Nonny Says:

    Your model in the first picture, her hair is GAWJUS! I am growing out a horrible overly layered bob and I have major hair envy!!!!!

  7. Erin K Says:

    Reagan! I love your braids and I am so loving reading your blog!

  8. Maura Says:

    Love the braids! Nice and creative also, I like the updated version of HDOF art deco :)

  9. Cass Says:

    Love these braids! Pinned a couple since Im currently looking for a wedding updo.

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  11. Amy Says:

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it. Also, that braid thats twisted on the nape of her neck like a conch shell? How in the WORLD did you do that?! Its fantastic.

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  14. Rita Says:

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