Whittemore House featured in The Cut.

Posted in Press on September 3rd, 2012 by Reagan

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New York Magazine’s blog “The Cut” did a little write up about my salon last week. They interviewed my fellow stylists/colorists and myself about our beauty routine and called us “The Hot Girl Factory”. I don’t mind a description like that one single bit!

There’s a cool little slideshow of all my amazingly stylish Whittemore Teammates, go here to see the photos and read the whole story!


Photos by Elizabeth Lippman

Story by Christina Han

PS I’m wearing this lipstick in the picture.

23 Responses to “Whittemore House featured in The Cut.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This is so AWESOME! You’re super cool, my hist.

  2. Juliette Says:

    WOW! Very stunning. You have eye’s that could cut glass.

  3. kati Says:

    salon compliments don’t get much better than that!

  4. Rachel C Says:

    Looks like you work with some pretty interesting people. Your picture is great!

  5. summer Says:

    lovely hair color….check my new post about “ombre hair” and “kate uptown hair color”

  6. summer Says:


  7. Alisa Says:

    Can I be you when I grow up? No, seriously. You’ve been my inspiration from day 1 and I can’t tell you how giddy I became the day you first personally answered a color question of mine. I think I reference you every time I have a new client, whether for blow drying or product use or just over all styling. There are times where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel as a young, new stylist but haven’t and I think I can attribute some of that fire that keeps me going to you. Thanks for being you, for teaching me more about styling than any teacher I’ve had thus far, and also for teaching me that it’s okay to be all one.

  8. Curtis Mchale Says:

    The hairstyle is definitely amazing! Even if I am not a fashion fanatic, I know how to appreciate every little thing such as this. I can see that the hairstyle of the model enhances her beauty more. The impact of her blonde hair can attract attention, the style can be considered as a work of a true blue artist. This looks great and marvelous! I hope I can see more hair colors from different models in the future.

  9. Rebeka Says:

    This article is great! I love it! It makes me want to fly to NYC just so I can come to your salon and have you do my hair. But really… :)

  10. Alex Says:

    DYING over that picture. gorgeous.

  11. Katie Says:

    Reagan, you look INCREDIBLE in that photo! I can’t get over it!

  12. Mary Says:

    Your lips are fab. Truly fab. But there was no mention in the slideshow of what you do to get that great HAIR. I think you have the best hair of the whole bunch!!

  13. Ryann Says:

    JUST HAD TO say that i was wearing that lipstain at a party this weekend & someone asked me 1/2way through how I still had lipstick on. of course i whipped it out of my pocket and did a product talk. ha ha thanks for the tip.

    (and also, my caps lock is not on – don’t know why this is coming up as yelling)

  14. Ryann Says:

    oh – never mind. It came out as upper and lower after I hit submit – weird!

  15. Allison W Says:

    So cool! And this most amazing picture of you, it’s my favorite of all time.

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  17. Stela Dimitrov Says:

    I like everything about it – from the hairstyle, make-up, down to the nail color. I think my favorite would be Reagan’s lipstick! It alone, gives off a sophisticated appeal. =)

  18. Elnora Touchstone Says:

    That’s nice! Your salon must have been receiving countless positive reviews and feedback, which is why Whittemore House was featured weeks ago. To me, your website is beautiful, and that could be your edge when it comes to grabbing your clients’ attention online. I love the gallery section! It’s totally fashionable!

  19. Reda Pinard Says:

    Hi there, Elnora! Do you find the movies section nice? Try to check that out! Watching the clips is like taking you to a fashion show. Now that Whittemore was featured in one of the hottest magazines in town, it will make the salon more popular. That will do well for the business, and who knows, celebrities might flock to this establishment and try the services its offering.

  20. Zaria Kennedy Says:

    AWESOME! I love it from the hairstyle, make-up, down to the nail color.

  21. Amighost Says:

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  22. Regina D Says:

    That color looks better on you! The lighter shade made you look younger. I am a hairstylist myself, and I do the same thing with people your age.

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