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Posted in News, Products on August 28th, 2012 by Reagan

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I used to use Matrix Sleek Look conditioner for years and years and years. I tend to get obsessed with certain products and use them until I never want to look at or smell them again. I do that with food too. After I ate maple oatmeal every morning for a yearI wont. I just wont.

Anyway, I was out of conditioner and forgot to pick some up at work before I left, so I picked up some of my old faithful on my way home. I love it again. Its so rich and detangling and it smells like heaven!

Glad we could be friends again, Sleek Look!

Buy it here!

PS Ever find that you run out of conditioner waaaay before you run out of shampoo?


15 Responses to Matrix Conditioner

  1. Cora Says:

    Really? I get to use like 3 shampoos before I get to the end of ANY conditioners
    Should I be using more??

  2. Shannon Says:

    Im the total opposite, I run out of shampoo long before conditioner. But then again I wash everyday (ducking for cover now from you non-everyday-ers!!) but I totally get caught up using the same product forever then one day Ill randomly grab something. Its like the dog from Up-squirrel!!

  3. Marcie Says:

    Matrix Sleek Look is my alllll tiiiiiime FAVE!!! I have never found a better shampoo or canditioner for my hair. I can brush through my wet hair without tearing out half of itand youre right, it does smell like heaven. And, yes, I do run out of conditioner way before shampoo. Whats up with that? I guess Im just a conditioner wh*re.?? ;)

  4. April Says:

    I love sleek too. Shampoo smells take me right back to that time in my life. Biiolage smells like my first year of college (And Monica Behling) Sleek is when I was married to Eric. Redken allsoft is my swinging single summer. VS very sexy is when I had jack. And anything aveda means I just got my hair did!

  5. kati Says:

    good to know about sleek look. i think my hair has been begging for something new in the regimen, its been kind of sad lately! and i run out of conditioner way before shampoo. i have to buy the regular size shampoo and the large size conditioner to have a chance.

    ps. im the same way with food. drives my husband craaaaaaaazy because he tends to like variety.

  6. Adeline Says:

    Im the opposite, my conditioner lasts me 2 bottles of shampoo! That probably means I should be using a lot more conditioner..!

  7. Summer Says:

    AH! I looooved sleek look too! Reminds me of my teens/early 20s. Awww, *tear.* I had to comment, because I too run out of conditioner long before shampoo! Its almost 2:1, so I typically buy some deep conditioner for once or twice a week to even it out.

  8. Brazilian Forever Says:

    Yes!! My shampoo lasts twice as long as my conditioner. For some psychological reason I alwasy think I need to use SO much conditioner even though its probably just a waste as my hair is beyond saturated by the time I rinse it out.

  9. lisa Says:

    I use very little conditioners on my hair. I have heavy thick wavy hair and if I want to wear it curly or wavy I only use a tiny sexy line soy spray leave in, just to get tangles out. If I use cerements conditioners they just weigh it down to much. I think most people tend to over condition

  10. Alex Says:

    Ran across your blog randomly- I run out of shampoo first, but thats probably because I use it sometimes as an impromptu bubble bath! Not a fan of matrix, rusk, liked pureology for awhile but willing to eat ramen noodles rather than go without Kerastase Cristalliste (and 45 min drive, btw)! Bonus: fiancé loves the scent ( wink )!

  11. Gabrielle Says:

    I LOVE Matrix Sleek Look. We parted ways a couple of years ago because I decided to try some other products. Bad. Idea. I recently purchased it and let me tell you, my mane is tame and happy, shiny and soft. I am a happy girl.

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