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Posted in Products on August 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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A few weeks ago, I participated in the Blogher 12 Fashion show. The amazing Kathryn Finney asked me to walk in it, along with some other fabulous bloggers. Its always fun to meet up with her and the other style/beauty writers she has connected me with. It was a good time!

Here are a few pictures that I grabbed from the Blogher Flickr album

Beforehand we all went to hair and make up. Make up by Elizabeth Arden, and Hair by Paul Mitchell. Elizabeth Arden was kind enough to send me a little package of everything they used on me! It was fun sitting in the hair chair for a change, and I loved getting dolled up. I really tried my hardest not to be a back seat stylist, but did end up shaking my hair out without even knowing it. Im a hair toucher and I cant help it!

My first look was a rocker motif. I walked with the most adorable dog, Shadow. I was obsessed with my head to ankle leather outfit, I think by Diesel, and my Giuseppe Zanotti heels. I wore my own sunglasses and wondered if they were disguising enough for me to grab Shadow and run out of the building unnoticed.

I did a second glam look wearing Badgley Mischka. Hair and make up had left and I decided my hair needed to be adjusted for the gown. It was a wild curly mess of beauty before, and I simply pulled it over to one side and calmed it down a little with my fingers. It added a more feminine and sweet feel to go with the sequin dress.

The Paul Mitchell team used a curling wand on me and it reminded me how much I have been wanting one! I have had Enzo Milano on the list for a while now. They used a wand that was skinny at the base, and wider at the bottom so that the roots hold more curl. The roots are the first thing to drop, so if you are starting out with a little tighter of a curl, the curl will relax more evenly.

It looks like this.

Pick one up here! I think thats my next tool purchase. Curling wands are so easy, the most timid of all hair tool users can do it. I promise! Its like curling hair 101!

8 Responses to Blogher Fashion Show

  1. Christy D Says:

    Reagan, I saw this and instantly thought of you! Have you seen it yet?

  2. Dominique Says:

    It was your rocker look that made me think you were my SIL, Mara. So the crazy lady in the front row shouting, hey Mara was me. You two could be sisters with your hair, posture and walk. Both looks were great. That was a fun show. Cheers.

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