Silk Flower Crown (a childs btw)

Posted in News on August 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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I made this flower crown for Piper Jane a few years ago and have found myself wearing it randomly around the apartment when I clean or brush my teeth or lift weights. If you havent ever experienced what its like to live alone, I recommend you try it. You will soon find that you are a very weird person. Things like lifting weights while wearing a childs size flower crown are just things you do sometimes. Anyway, this crown is way too small for me. It looks funny when my hair is down, but I thought it might look pretty with the old grab and pin up do I sometimes do. If you dont know what the old grab and pin up do is, you are so missing out! You just grab and pin! Sometimes you do a pony tail first (like I did here), sometimes you curl first, but then you just grab and pin! Im not kiddinworks every time.

Anyway, I made this crown with a simple crafting wire, green tape for your silk flowers needs, and silk flowers from Michaels. I do think it looks like its made out of silk flowers, but its still pretty. Ive had a good crush on flower crowns for a long time, and dont know why I havent made one for myself. Little Piper is probably sick of me borrowing the one I made for her anyway. I wouldnt mind having one of my own that fits my adult sized head properly, and that would allow me to wear my hair down. Also, I wouldnt mind mastering the REAL flower crown. Silkies are nice, but the scent of real flowers in my hair would make for a very good day. Still inspired by these ones.

PS all this talk about flower crowns has me thinking Halloween costume thoughts. Its never too soon you know.

26 Responses to Silk Flower Crown (a childs btw)

  1. J Says:

    Cute! And thats all I have to say. ;)

  2. cake & valley Says:

    seriously? youre killing me with these pictures!

    xo. cake & valley

  3. Juliette Says:

    Beauty. Love your creativity and Yes I am starting to get ideas for Halloween ;)

  4. Rae Says:

    Love it. You are so LDR.

  5. Gloria Says:

    OMG! Yes, you are so right! I do sooooooo many weird things too, that if someone knew them will think Im seriously crazy. Ha ha ha..:)

    Love your creativity as always! You rock!

  6. Maura Says:

    Very cool, reminds me of the crowns that Tavi Gevinson makes!
    I love that you made it for piper:)

  7. lisa Says:

    I asked before, but do you have another blog???? Piper is your daughter?

  8. Rebeka Says:

    Oh. my. word. This is just TOO good!

    That outfit is perfect with your flower crown up-do, too!

    Man, I just cant get over you, youre the prettiest!

  9. amber Says:

    I seriously was going to say the crown is very lana del rey! and then I clicked the link.too cool!

  10. amber Says:

    oh, and if it makes you feel any better, she lived in a trailer park when she was 20.

  11. Rachel C Says:

    Why would living in a trailer park make somebody feel better?
    Anyway. cute hair!

  12. Mary Says:

    Im wearing the grab and pin today for the first time! Haha how cool!

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  22. Julia Says:

    cool hair! awesome

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  26. Rebecca Says:

    Haha I love your comment about living alone. Legit. It would be like 10 pm and all the sudden I would ask what have I eaten all day? Why is only the whipped cream gone


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