Weekend do.

Posted in News on August 20th, 2012 by Reagan

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I did it. This inspiration right here? It happened. Take a look!

Again, I dont have platinum hair or bangs like the original, also I dont have the length to make this bun as massive as Id have liked it to be. But I have to say that I really like my take on it. Its fuzzier than the inspiration photo, because I didnt straighten my hair first, and also because I am never offended by a little fuzz. If I did this for a formal event, I imagine Id put in some extensions, especially in the braid. My braid wasnt long enough to wrap all the way around the bun, so extensions would solve that! Also, I imagine a huge bow in the back would be a dream. Im doing that next time too. There will be a next time, mark my words.

This would also be beautiful at the nape of your neck. It would also be beautiful on my friend Amanda Blair. Im going to try it on her next.

Would you wear this look? It would be great for the girl on a date with the tallest man alive. You know, to balance out the height difference. Wearing this bun gave me an extra 4 inches at least. Teasing is practically the high heels of hair.

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  1. Julia Says:

    This is amazing! I frequently go on tall-man dates but dont have enough hair for this epic number. sad face! xo

  2. cake & valley Says:

    OMG you rock and so do your pants.
    simply amazing.

    xo cake & valley.

  3. Rae Says:

    It looks awesome and so do your lashes!
    Teasing is the high heels of hair. Love that!

  4. Maura Says:

    Beautiful! I would totally wear it, but not on a date with a tall guy Im tall enough naturally :)

  5. Andrea Says:

    Oh my gosh this is amazing! So so pretty. I want to know how!

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  7. Malia Says:

    TUTORIAL PUH-LEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nadya Says:

    Please do a tutorial on this! Its just too perfect!

  9. Becki D. Says:

    You are gorgeous.

  10. Anne Says:

    Found you through Pinterest adore the name for your blog. I am such a Moz fan!

  11. kati Says:

    love these pics of you!

  12. Katrina Says:

    I keep obsessively staring at this hairdo. . . considering it for a bridesmaid do in october. . . I want something flattering and pretty but also not typical maid hair. . . its my fifth wedding in two years and im over low buns!

  13. Andrea Says:

    Love the hair! Too cute! and I need to know where you got those pants. Im dying!

  14. whitney mccoy Says:

    Its very Amy-Winehouse-esqe! Gorg!! I would love to try this, and my hair just might be long. ot sure Im brave enough to try it as an every day look, but def as an ocassion look.. even Church. ;)

  15. whitney mccoy Says:

    meant *NOT brave enough.. lol

  16. Rebeka Says:

    High hair is the new high heels? I like it, sounds more comfortable. Ha!

    Also I would totally try this! But I am afraid I would have similar legnth/braid/fullness problems with it like you, because even though my hair is down to like, the small part of my back, all of my layers and long bangs would probably create some weirdness.

    Anyway, totally beautiful!

  17. Lisa Says:

    I just have to ask what nail polish are you wearing?? AlsoI am hating my hair right nowcan you tell me what to do with it? I would come see you in person but I live in Kansas!

  18. ChakeciaDoesHair Says:


  19. MelanieBaker Says:

    SO beautiful Reagan! You did such a great job, please teach me how to do it!!

  20. Lauren Says:

    What nail polish are you wearing? So pretty!

  21. Ugg Canada Says:

    Pure face, bright red lips, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed in tight-fitting and colorful costumes, which is of special significance in the 1940s California symbols.


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