Hippie Halo, Bonus Version.

Posted in Tutorial on August 13th, 2012 by Reagan

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Earlier on this summer, I posted the Hippie Halo tutorial. Its one of my favorite tutorials to date, but there was a whole section of me taking my hippie halo out for a bike ride that didnt make the final cut. I watched it recently and decided it was too cute to be unshared. Check it out below!

Hippie Halo | Bonus Version from Hairdresser On Fire on Vimeo.

8 Responses to Hippie Halo, Bonus Version.

  1. sarah thompson Says:

    hey do you happen to know the name of the font that is used in this video? i love it and want to use it for some videos of my kids. sarahmariecowan@gmail.com thanks!

  2. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    Beyond fun! I even liked it when a bit of the head band was visible. Might be cute with a bright one for a POP!

  3. Megan Says:

    This tutorial just makes me so happy! Thanks for posting the longer version. It got me excited for the outdoors while locked up in my cubicle :)

  4. Janel Says:


  5. b.a. Says:

    youre a beauty.

  6. J Says:

    Its especially fun because the aproned lady walked past you in the park! ;) Cute vid!

  7. Peg Says:

    Just the best!

  8. Nike Free 3.0 Says:

    den højre fod er Minnie. Den bløde ruskind at slippe af med den gammeldags følelse af imponerende samarbejdsmodeller.


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