Red, white and blue (and lips too!)

Posted in Products on July 13th, 2012 by Reagan

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Of all the holidays that make for exciting hair endeavors, the Fourth of July is not one of them. Valentines day, Christmas, Halloween? All amazing. All endless. But on the Fourth I just feel like protecting my hair from flames and fireworks, and staying cool. It was a scorcher this Fourth, so I only wore my hair down for the photos before pulling it up into a knot. A knot that promised relief from the heat, and safety from flame igniting.

This postthis post is mostly about what I wore. Because I believe in dressing the part (wink Karrie!), and believe in beating a theme to death.


Red heart shaped sunnies, red lip tattoos with hearts on them, white wife beater (hopefully not so american), dyed cut offs, and the most sophisticated red wedges to complete my theme beating.

Tank-Forever 21, Cutoffs-TJMaxx, Wedges-Dolce Vita, Lip tattoo-Violent lips.

These lip tattoos are so fun. I bought loads to try out. They are absolutely for looks alone. Imagine mestarving (no eating), thirsty (no drinking), grumpy (no smiling), and talking like a ventriloquist because thats what these lips allow for. Id still say theyre worth it. Cant wait to show you the rest!

Have a great weekend!

12 Responses to Red, white and blue (and lips too!)

  1. Candice Says:

    As always, youve nailed it. Please share where the temporary lip tattoos can be found! And those wedges amazing!

  2. Rebeka Says:

    So what youre trying to say is lip tattoos are the new it diet?

    Also they look awesome!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    ventriloquist heheh gets me every time.

  4. CJoy Salon Says:

    Certainly, The lip tattoos are the most interesting in this post, Looks amazing.

  5. Wore Out Says:

    Lip tattoos?! I am embarrassed to admit I hadnt heard of these before reading your post. What a fun way to add interest to a look made up of summer staples. The wedges and sunnies add the perfect pop of color and the lips bring it all together!

  6. Courtney Says:

    Love your blog Reagan! Thanks for teaching me how to properly take care of my hair, Im loving it now. :)

  7. Ally Says:

    ah, i love you lip tattoos, my mum bought me some violent lip tattoos for christmas but i still havent used them (slightly to do with my uncertainty of the results!!) but after seeing your post I cant wait to try them!!! I love your blog, espscially the hair-styling! could you please check out my new online magazine website, I recently created a hair-style influences collage which you could take a look at and give me your thoughts??

    anyway, love your blog!
    ally x

  8. Kate Says:

    The lip tattoo is so cool. Havent seen anything like it before. Great look!!


    How much does it cost to get lips tattooed? Did it hurt a lot?

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  11. Hanna Says:

    haha, I dont know what you did, but I was messing around with lip tattoos the other night and I felt like I needed paint thinners to get them off. seriously. would. not. come. off!! (or maybe, thats a . . I dont know what I did!)

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