Tips for travel (the teaser)

Posted in Answers, News, Products on July 11th, 2012 by Reagan

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Last weekend I took a trip to Miami. The trip was big enough that I wanted to look cute and go out, but little enough that I didnt want to check a bag. The thought of leaving my house without every single hair product I own makes me want to weep in my mamas arms, so where does that leave a girl like me? It leaves me compromising. The sad truth about traveling with hair and rules about liquids is that you probably cant have your way in its entirety.

So heres what you (I) do.

1. You get some little containers. I got mine at Rickys, a beauty supply here in NYC, but you can get them at many other places like Sephora or a local pharmacy. Here are some I found at the Container Store website..

2. You fill them up with your cant live withouts. For me thats Creme For Style and Ocean Mist. (And mousse but remember were compromising?) I needed a squeezey bottle and a spritzy bottle for these. Obviously shampoo and conditioner can be brought as well if you hate what your hotel provides for you.

My strategy is to wear my hair at its most natural state, but enhanced. I cant tell you how many times Ive brought a full kit for blow dryingbrushes and all, but opted to spend more time enjoying my vacation rather than primping myself. I hate bringing things on vacation that I dont use (Ill literally wear 10 pairs of shoes the last day to make sure every pair got worn), so I just dont bring that stuff anymore. For me, products are they key for wearing my hair natural, so products get brought.

Whats your hair travel plan?

More traveling hair tips to come.

(PS Miami is amazing.)

12 Responses to Tips for travel (the teaser)

  1. Brit Says:

    Gah! Im so glad you say Miami is amazing Long story, but Ill be spending September-December there on a little adventure. Hubs scouted the land and gave it the ok, I wont see it till we start the adventure! Honestly, that little tidbit at the bottom has changed my day. Ive been freaking out about it for like, a week.

    Also, fantastic advise, as usual :)


  2. Rebeka Says:

    Could you be more gorgeous?! Sheesh!

    And I have the same overpacking hate you do. But I have such a hard time with it too there is always that what if in the back of my head.

    I do really like your advice about going natural with the hair on vacation though, because like you said, there are more fun things to do than spend an hour on my hair when Im on vacation!

  3. Kate Says:

    My hair is long med-coarse/wavy/curly underneath so going natural is a bit of a risk I have to travel with a leave-in (Phyto Jojoba), salt spray or serum (depending if I can go casual or have to be more polished) and B&B Brilliantine (Id use it even if it did nothing for my hair smells incredible!) If I go the blow-dry route then its all of the above plus dryer, brushes and flat iron (and an extra hour a day gah!)

  4. Gita Says:

    I just mix equal parts of all my liquid pre-blow-dry hair stuff in one spray bottle, even when Im not travelling.

  5. rebekah Says:

    girl, tell me about those SHOES!!

  6. Nonny Says:

    Im going on a 5 day trip tomorrow to a Scottish Hebridean island where Im going to a concert at a castle overlooking the town and harbour. Tres excited. However my bag is so heavy I am having trouble lifting it! Wish I was an organised traveller!

  7. Nicole Says:

    I would love to start going natural with my hair! I have naturally wavy hair but it gets frizzy when I dont blow it straight. What do you do after washing/conditioning your hair? Any product recommendations? Thanks so much!!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I love this! Im now travelling on a regular basis and I needed some inspiration to stop travelling with massive luggage all to get a decent hair day! Off to buy little bottles now!

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