Divine Caroline: Summer hair-short or long?

Posted in News on June 14th, 2012 by Reagan

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Its hot out there

Do you get all snippy with your hair in the summer? or leave it long?

Click here for this weeks Divine Caroline post!

Photo of me two summers ago when I got snippy.

Stay cool out there, stay cool.

11 Responses to Divine Caroline: Summer hair-short or long?

  1. Amanda Says:

    Your hair looks adorable like that. I wish I could get away with that length but its just not flattering on me so I keep it below the shoulders.

  2. Mary Says:

    Ive been growing my hair out for the past 2+ years, so I cant bear to cut it now, especially since my hubby just texted me yesterday I love your hair. :) So I put it up a lot french braids, top knots, buns, etc. Cause its hot in Tennessee!!

  3. Melinda Lyon Says:

    I keep mine long, long, long!

  4. Stefanie Says:

    Im currently living through a bad hair decision. So, no, Im just praying that itll grow quickly!

    Oh, how I miss a good top knot!

  5. Maura Says:

    I chopped mine all off last summer, it was literally two inches long on top and an inch in the back! This year I am not allowing my self to cut it all off again, since its now a bob its still short enough to be cool (not that it gets hot here in Northwest Washington state)

  6. Rae Says:

    I la la looooved your hair this length.

  7. Prof. Kitty Says:

    This post so inspired me that I printed out your photo and took it to my hairdresser to get snippy! I love the results! (And the blonde pieces in front, we did that too.) Awesomeness & thank you!

  8. SarahA Says:

    I kept mine long, although I was tempted to chop it all off. My hairdresser did leave my bangs long so that they wouldnt get all sticky on my face. I cant put my hair up off my neck, though, because its too heavy and I get a headache.

  9. Sabra Says:

    Waaaiiit. Your hair grew that much in two summers? What the heck. Im so jealous. My hair grows sooooo slowly.

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