Tutorial: The Hippie Halo

Posted in Products, Tutorial on June 13th, 2012 by Reagan

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This tutorial sure has been a long time coming! Im quite proud of the video, and working with this crew has been a dream! Im so excited for you all to see it.

Please enjoy!

Note: This look is best achieved with an Emi Jay headband. Ive tried it with a number of other headbands and the results are just not the same (the honest truth!). I created the Hippie Halo in my bathroom mirror after opening up my first pack of Emi Jay headbandsit seems like only yesterday. Their products are great and Ive enjoyed working with the company so much. We have another video currently being edited that I think youll love!

Go here to scope out all the great products at Emi Jay. And as always, send in your Hippie Halo photos!

45 Responses to Tutorial: The Hippie Halo

  1. Maura Says:

    This is the best tutorial video ever! Great cinematography and easy tutorial good job

  2. Lola Says:

    So cute! Love the video too, great production. And if that is your bedroom you have to tell me what wallpaper that is, I love it.

    As for the halo. why did I just hack 7 inches off of my hair????

  3. Alex Says:

    Reagan! This video is amazing! I felt like I was watching a (very serene) day in the life of Reagan, bright & cheery all while learning how to do the hippie halo. Love the new production style, cannot wait to see more :)


  4. Shelby Says:


  5. Malia Says:

    Love it! When I had slightly shorter hair I did a similar style but with all my hair up and a cute sparkly hair band for a wedding.

  6. tara polly Says:

    this is the LOVELIEST video ever and i cant wait to try my own. youre my favorite hair guru and seem like the very sweetest girl. xo! http://blog.tarapolly.com

  7. Sarah Says:


  8. lacy Says:

    The best Video yet!! I love your new wallpaper too!!!!

  9. frieda Says:

    I love this. And I love your style. Thats all. ♥

  10. Star Says:

    Wonderful video! Love seeing a peppy bounce in your step!

  11. Katherine Says:

    Aaaah your videos are getting so awesome! Love this so much.

  12. MelanieBaker Says:

    YAY!!!!! So excited this is up! Its so great. Congratulations Reag!

  13. Andreakj Says:

    best tutorial ever!! I love the hippie halo. I want to try some emi jay headbands for sure.

  14. StephT. Says:

    I loved it and you looked so happy and peaceful. More! More! More!

  15. Stefanie Says:

    You are SO dang cute Reags! Miss you!

  16. JenG Says:

    Best tutorial yet! Easy style and brilliant video!

  17. Paula I. Says:

    Never commented before but a pretty loyal reader of HDOF and this is the greatest tutorial EVER. Not only can I tell exactly how to do this hairstyle (which I will be attempting tonight!!) but it was like watching the sweetest movie. Perfect!!

  18. Juliette Says:

    Love it!

  19. Michelle Says:


  20. Rebeka Says:

    Oh my gosh, Reagan, This is AMAZING! You guys did such a good job!!

    The hippie halo is totally cute and you did a great job making it look so easy. I will definitely be trying on my day old hair tomorrow.


  21. penelope Says:

    best video yet.

  22. Alex Says:

    This video is fantastic! I abso-freakin-lutely love it! I also love your hair length and color right now.

  23. Lea Anne Says:

    Reagan, this video is magical! Reminds me of Lula magazine!

  24. susan Says:

    Reagan. Awesome. This was somehow a hair tutorial that morphed into a declaration of victory.

  25. Chrissy Wiegand Says:

    So easy to do and Ive gotten tons of compliments! Thanks! I love, love the new tutorials. :)

  26. Skye Says:

    Is this your apartment? That wallpaper is amazing- and you look adorable! :) This looks so easy that hopefully even I can do it (I cant even braid my own hair, its really sad). I think youve convinced me to buy one of these headbands!

  27. ROBIN Says:

    :> :> :> :> :> Ms. Baker(?) awesomeness!!!!!!!! This made my day a beautious video and a feeling as if the world has been lifted off someones shoulders. Keep going

  28. Linsday Says:

    So cute!! I love this video..way better than any other typical hair tutorial. You did a great job! And it looks so easy..I must try asap! Thanks!

  29. Kayte Says:

    This was like watching a music videowith a tutorial thrown in. I love it! The best one yet.

  30. Lindsay Says:

    The fabulous Ms Baker!

  31. Cass Says:

    You are too cute, love the video! P.S. The song made my day. :)

  32. whitney mccoy Says:

    OK.. seriously?! BEST Video EVER!! I am totally loving this new production style. And I cannot wait to try the Hippie Headband. :)


  33. Violet Says:

    LOVE this video! Such a wonderful happy vibe. The halo is adorable- cant wait to try it.

  34. Helen Says:

    Well done! I love this video! My daughter was intrigued. The same one who saw your curling wand demonstration and who now does a pretty decent job, at 13, of doing her own hair thanks to you. Keep these coming!

  35. Leah Says:

    I totally forgot I was watching a hair tutorialI got all caught up in the movie! I loved thismake more! And keep havin fun!

  36. Jordan Says:

    Ok, sorry if I missed this answer somewhere, but- I went to the Emi Jay website and they have headbands that are 1 inch and 5/8 in. (amongst other ones). Which size did you use for your halo? And which sizes do you recommend for what? (Hi, my name is Jordan and I havent accessorized in 10 years.)

  37. Audrey Says:

    Yeah! I love your tutorials and I was eagerly waiting for a new one. Cute wallpaper, cute font, cute video overall. : )

  38. Amy Says:

    WELL DONE! Gorgeous video and I must try this do. Thank you sweet Reagan :)

  39. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    LOVE this tutorial. Youre so gorg Reags and I love the production. Super lovely x

  40. Laura Says:

    Love the new style. Also, love the gorgeous smile youre wearing.

  41. Amy Says:

    I love it :) The hair style, the film and YOU!

  42. Eleni Says:

    Wow. Simply beautiful. Best video yet!

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  44. Michele Says:

    Hi!! I saw this hair style on a woman that came into my work! Naturally I had to IMMEDIATELY know how she did it!! Myself and about 5 other women learned about your website and weve become obsessed! Youre so talented! Ive loved your tutorials so much that I recently featured you on my blog, Sunny Inspiration! I would love if you could check it out!


    Michele :)


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