Divine Caroline: Heat Protecting Products

Posted in Products on June 4th, 2012 by Reagan

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After my post on blow dryers, its only appropriate for me to write about heat protection! Click here to read!

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  1. Geneva Says:

    Reagan, I love your posts. I only wish there were more of them! Liketutorials! And photos of hair that you find beautiful! And more photos of YOU! Oh that would make my heart (and my hair!) happy.

  2. jenny page Says:

    Hi!! Reagan. I couldnt tell from your blow dryer post WHICH JeVeux product you were recommending specifically from their line? Can you hit me with the actual name on the bottle/jar? If I stood too close to a farmer right now, Im afraid he might come at my head with a pitchfork thinking its a bale of hay. :(

  3. Mood Swings Salon Says:

    this is great, keep up the good work!

  4. Tanyas Image Says:

    Well, I tried this product since I noticed some damages with my hair because of over heat. So I decided to buy heat protection for my hair and I found this product and it really fits my hair. I love the result..

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